The Spyglass's User Interface

Display Mode Buttons

  • Display Friends — Displays the friends in Spyglass's friends list that are in the same region above the HUD. You can focus your camera on your friends with one click, teleport to them, locate them with a particle beam, and send them messages. This is the default display mode.
  • Radar — Shows all the avatars near you. As in the friends display, you can focus the avatars with your cam, teleport to them, locate them, send messages, do something to them, talk as them.
  • Display Lookmarks — Shows the lookmarks you set in the region you are currently in. Focus the lookmarks with a click of your mouse, rename them, give them to someone else, or delete them.
  • Display Teleport History — Displays the last 30 locations you teleported to and lets you teleport back there.
  • Object/Bug Scanner — Scans for objects near you and displays them in a list above the HUD. Focus your camera on them, locate them with a beam, rez a box around them to find them more easily, or display information about the object.
  • AO Menu — Brings up the AO menu.
  • AO on/off — Turns the built-in AO on/off.

Main Buttons