Manual Camera Positioning

Setting the Camera Position

You can set the camera position manually by typing the coordinates for the camera position in local chat like so:

/17 x y z

where (x, y, z) are the coordinates of the new camera position.

Fine-Grained Control

If you need more control you can use the "colon command": In local chat, the general command is

/17: p <x>,<y>,<z>  f <x>,<y>,<z>  a <azimuth>  i <inclination>

Note, that all the commands (p, f, a, i) are optional, i.e. you don't need to type all of them, just select the command you need and type that one.


Due to a restriction of the Second Life client, the script can modify the camera position only if it is in default mode, i.e. if the camera position and angle hasn't been altered using the Second Life viewer camera controls. To switch back to the standard camera position, press the "Escape" key to release the camera control.


Retrieving Camera Settings

The "Chat current camera settings" button determines the current camera position and angle, and chats the data to the owner in the format described above. Thus, The output can be again used as input to the colon command described above.