Animation Override

The Spyglass has it's own built-in animation overriding system. However, it doesn't come with any animations. If you want to use it you have to add your animations to it.

Getting Started

The animation override (AO) built into the Spyglass is compatible with the probably most common and best known AO system in Second Life, the ZHAO. The Spyglass reads ZHAO configuration notecards, so all you need to do to use the Spyglass as AO is to drop your animations and the ZHAO notecard into the Spyglass's inventory.

Note, however, that the configuration notecard needs to be named "_AO". You will need to rename your notecard or copy and paste the contents into the "_AO" notecard present in the Spyglass inventory.

To add the animations to the Spyglass, first drag the animations from your AO into your inventory and place them in a seperate folder. To do this, right click your AO HUD and choose "Edit" from the wheel menu. Go to the "Contents" tab. Select all the animations in the list and drag them into your inventory.
Rez the spyglass and open it's inventory by right clicking it and choosing "Edit" from the wheel menu and then go the the "Contents" folder in the dialog. Drag and drop the animations from your inventory to the Spyglass's "Contents."

Using the AO

On the Spyglass HUD, use the button to turn the AO on and off. The button will give you a menu with AO operations.