Camera Control

The Spyglass has the ability to focus your cam on avatars and objects (see Friends list, Radar, and Object / bug scanner") by clicking the "Camera" button or by choosing an avatar near you from a menu when clicking the "Focus Cam" buttons or .

Focusing an avatar can also be done using the chat command

/17 <Full avatar name>

where <Full avatar name> is the full name of the avatar you want to focus, without the pointy brackets <, >.

Another way of controlling your camera is to set and restore lookmarks, i.e. saving and restoring your camera settings.

By default, the Spyglass focuses the camera only once. If you want to let your camera follow a person, you could turn on "tracking." Open the menu, go to the "Camera" menu, and then choose "Tracking." Clicking that button will turn tracking on/off. (Note that it can't follow smoothly. If you want the camera to follow the avatar smoothly, use the feature built into the Second Life viewer: Hold down the Alt key and click the avatar you want to follow.)

To stop tracking you could turn the mode off in the menu or just click the "Reset" button on the HUD.

Yet another way is to set the position of your camera manually. To set just your camera's position you can use the chat command

/17 <x> <y> <z>

(<x>, <y>, <z>) being the coordinates of the desired position of your camera. This command doesn't give you fine grain control over where your camera will point. If you have to position your camera very precisely, please have a look at the description of the "Colon command."

Stop Focusing

To go back to the normal camera mode, click the "Release" button on the Spyglass HUD, which will release the Spyglass's camera control. You can also click the "Reset" button , which, additionally to releasing the camera, stops the Spyglass's automatic camera control.