Lookmarks, analog to bookmarks or landmarks, save the position and angle of your camera. After setting a lookmark with the Spyglass, you will be able to go back to that exact same view angle you had when you saved the lookmark.

To inspire you for what lookmarks can be used, I have compiled an non-comprehensive list of scenarios.

Saving a Lookmark

Saveing a lookmark is really simple.

Focusing a Lookmark

There are a number of ways to focus a previously saved lookmark:

Before focusing a lookmark, make sure, however, that your camera is in the default mode. Press the Esc key to make it go there. (If your camera is not in default mode, your viewer's camera controls will override any scripted camera controls, i.e. the Spyglass won't be able to focus your camera.)

Stop Focusing

To go back to the normal camera mode, click the "Release" button on the Spyglass HUD, which will release the Spyglass's camera control. You can also click the "Reset" button , which, additionally to releasing the camera, stops the Spyglass's automatic camera control.

The Lookmarks Display Mode

Clicking the "Lookmarks mode" button will set the Spyglass into the lookmarks display mode. The lookmarks in the current region will then displayed above the Spyglass.

Next to the name of a particular lookmark you will see four action buttons:

  • Focus — focus the lookmark.
  • Rename — renames a lookmark. Type the new name of the lookmark into local chat as instructed.
  • Give lookmark — gives the lookmark to someone. You can choose a person near you from the menu or type the name of the receiver into local chat.
  • Delete — deletes the lookmark.

Note that whenever you focus a lookmark you will find an SLURL to the position of the camera in local chat. You could easily teleport to that location by clicking the SLURL in the chat history window.

Managing Lookmarks

Clicking the Menu button, then choosing "Lookmarks" gives you a menu of options for managing lookmarks.


Lookmarks are saved per region. When you teleport to another region you will get a different set of lookmarks. While you can zoom in from a region to a neighboring one, you can set a lookmark that displays a view that isn't actually in the region you are currently in. However, the lookmark you saved in this fashion will only be accessible in the region you saved it.

The number of lookmarks you can set per region is limited by about 50 lookmarks (you might be able to save more). There is no known upper limit for the number of regions in which you can save lookmarks. (Since script memory is limited, there is a limit, but this limit is of rather theoretical nature.)