Wardrobe Demo Page

A demo of the Wardrobe web page is available here.

User Manual

The online user manual is available here.

Video Tutorials

Buttacwup Pwincess's Video Tutorials.

Introductory Tutorial by Marisol Verdugo.

Victoria Fairlady's Video Tutorials.

Text Tutorials

CTS Wardrobe - A Walkthrough Tutorial (by Amberle, a.k.a. Lilith Lupindo)

Getting Started Guide - CTS Wardrobe (by Buttacwup Pwincess)

HowTo (en fran├žais) (by Estrie).

A Wardrobe Tutorial (by DoctorKaren Kanto).

A Wardrobe Tutorial for RLV (by Chase Eternal).

Wiki / Tips

Wardrobe Wiki

Wardrobe Samples — Shared Wardrobe Links and Tips, curated by Buttacwup Pwincess