Wardrobe setup

Written by Chase Eternal—please send feedback (directly to her)

  1. You must use a viewer that supports RLV if you want to have the wardrobe system dress/undress you. It is highly recommended for the full functionality of the system.

The following instructions assume that you are using one of the two viewers with RLV with the largest user bases. There are other viewers that support RLV, they are just not described here.

  1. Enable RLV (relog)
    1. For Firestorm: Avatar / Preferences / Firestorm / Allow Remote Scripting viewer controls (RLVa)
    2. For Phoenix: Enable Restrained Love [RLVa] feature in Preferences / Phoenix
  2. Create a folder called "#RLV" at the root of your Inventory (no quotes)
    1. The folder must be at the same level as the #Phoenix or #Firestorm folders
  3. Create two folders #RLV/outfit1 and #RLV/Outfit2.
    Note: do not use the following special characters in your folder name or path: @ = : ; / ,
  4. Place an outfit in each folder
  5. If you use are using Phoenix, wear each outfit once while they are in the #RLV folder. This is required because some prims need to be put into certain folders which the viewer will do automatically, and some will get renamed.
  6. Take a snapshot of each outfit, emailing the picture to the e-mail address provided. The subject must be exactly the same name as the folder it is in "outfit1" or "outfit2" (again no special characters).
  7. Go to your wardrobe website using the link provided when you press the center of the HUD
  8. Press the "show all" button in the upper left and your two new outfits should show up in the main pane
  9. Press the shirt icon over the picture of the outfit you are not wearing (not the one with the gear)
  10. If everything is done properly, you should now be wearing the new outfit