my mind is /
a big hunk of irrevocable nothing which touch and taste and smell /
and hearing and sight keep hitting and chipping with sharp fatal /
tools /
in an agony of sensual chisels i perform squirms of chrome and ex /
-ecute strides of cobalt /
nevertheless i /
feel that i cleverly am being altered that i slightly am becoming /
something a little different, in fact /
myself /
hereupon helpless i utter lilac shrieks and scarlet bellowings.

ee cummings


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Release Notes

July 29, 2019

  • Added support for pasting images by hitting Ctrl+V (Windows) or Cmd+V (Mac) into the "Upload Images" dialog. If you hit Ctrl+V/Cmd+V anywhere, the dialog will open if it isn't open yet.

June 15, 2019

  • "Recent Items" is now accessible from the Search at the top right. You now have greater flexibility to search by date. Click on the clock icon for a date range picker or enter a textual date range (e.g., "today", "yesterday", "last week", "2 months ago", etc.). Hover on the search box for more info.
  • New "Restore Backup" function (Tools > Restore Backup). When restoring from a backup file, all the items in the file will be added to your current Wardrobe content.

June 8, 2019

  • Duplicating items. In the "Edit" dialog, click the "Duplicate Item" button.
  • Multi-Deleting: From Tools > Multi-Delete you can delete multiple items at once.

February 2019 (v2.7)


  • Up to 4 images per Wardrobe item. In addition to the places listed below (January 31, 2018: Edit Item, Import Snapshots, by E-Mail, Upload Images), there is now also support for uploading multiple images from textures in "Edit Item" and in the "Import Texture" dialog.
  • Put On More Outfits. In the "Dressing" tab of the "Edit Item" dialog, you can associate items that will be put on after the one in question. This also works recursively, i.e., if an associated item has more associated items in turn, these well also be put on after the first level of associated items has been put on. When you take off an item that has associated items, these will also be removed.
    In order for this to work correctly, you might have to add a delay between the individual items (the viewer might act up otherwise). The delay is configurable in Preferences > Dressing > Dressing Delay.
  • Wardrobe web page skins. The look of your Wardrobe web page can be changed now. Currently, there are dark themes and a playful pink one available for purchase in the inworld store.
  • Find items without tags and without creators. At the bottom of the tags list (to the left on your Wardrobe page), you'll find links "(Items without tags)" and "(items without a creator)". If you click them, all your items (if any) without any tags, or without a creator, respectively, will be shown so you can fix them and tag them correctly / set the creator.
  • Saving entered data. Data you enter in the dialogs to create new items are saved and are restored when you reload your Wardrobe web page.
  • Folder locks. Tools > Locks now gives you the possibility to lock up to 5 folders (in addition to mere attachment points/clothing layers). With this feature, you could, e.g., lock your body in place so it won't become undetachable, both in the viewer and by the Wardrobe. If you stick to mostly one body, this is great to prevent you from accidentally detaching it.


  • Support for auto-importing items after purchasing. If a designer supports this, the Wardrobe HUD will display the item you just purchased and will ask you if you want to import it into your Wardrobe. The vendor texture is used as picture for the Wardrobe item. You can either
    • Import using automatic tagging (the system tries to extract tags from the texture);
    • Import using your own tags (the HUD will ask you to enter tags and remarks);
    • Decline automatic importing.

    To make this feature more useful, we need your help! Talk to your favorite designer(s) or give them the notecard "A Request From The Wardrobe Community" describing what they need to do. It's one simple step for them, so hopefully, many will adopt this and make life for all of us a lot easier! Please feel free to use the notecard as a letter to them, and feel free to substitute their name and yours.

    PLEASE NOTE: currently only the CasperVend system is supported, so please make sure the designer is using CasperVend before you give them the notecard.
  • Support for folder locks.

December 2018

  • SL Brand Directory / Creators. There is a new "Creator" field in the item editing and creation dialogs that allows you to associate a creator with your Wardrobe item. In Tools > Brand Directory you can find a directory with SL brands, which serves as basis for the information that will be shown on an item once you've picked a creator.
  • Quick Access to most and recently used tags. All dialogs in which you can edit and add new items now have a list of tags under the "Tags" field so you can easily add your most frequently and your recently used tags just by clicking the respective tag in the list.
  • Find items without tags. At the bottom of the tags list (to the left on your Wardrobe page), you'll find a link "(Items without tags)". If you click it, all your items (if any) without any tags will be shown so you can fix them and tag them correctly.
  • Unicode support. It is now possible to use unicode symbols for any part of your items (title, tags, remarks, etc.)
  • Date format and timezones. In Preferences > Miscellaneous > User Interface you'll find two new fields to select how dates below your items are displayed. Also, you can select the timezone you're in (or leave it on the default if you want SLT) to show the correct date when you added an item.

January 31, 2018

  • Support for up to 4 images per item:
  • Edit Item: In "Edit Item" click the "More..." link under images, and you'll be able to upload additional images.
  • Import Snapshots: When you add items by clicking the HUD's snapshot button on the 12o'clock position and saving snapshots to your harddrive, you can now save more than one image per item. Drag the images to your Wardrobe webpage as usual, and the item will automatically be assigned all the snapshots (up to 4) you took. On the "Import Snapshots" window, you can also drag&drop images into the secondary image placeholders and organize them by dragging and dropping.
  • Add Item by E-Mail: If you use the e-mail method to add items, you can send up to 4 e-mails with the same subject line (i.e., the same item title). The images of subsequent submissions with the same title will all go to the same item as additional images.
  • Upload Images: The "Upload Images" window now also has a "More..." link under "Images". To add an additional image to an item, either expand "Images" and click the "..." button to browse for an image, or just click the "+" button in the left bar, which will add the top most image of the list to the current item as a secondary image.

January 15, 2018

  • Social icons. If you enter links to social sites in the item remarks, they will be now displayed as icons rather than text links.
  • A "take off" button on items. In the preferences, a new tab "Adjust Item Actions" was added where you can specify which icons you want to show or hide on each item. If you select the new "Take off" option, a "take off" icon will always be shown. It will only do anything, i.e., take the outfit off, if your actually wearing it.

October 2017 (v2.6)


  • Tag sets (e.g., to create categories). Save the currently active tag configuration. In this way, you could make categoriesfor your Wardrobe items (e.g., "Clothing", "Furniture", ...). To activate or deactivate a tag set click the corresponding tag set name. The active tag set appears with a dark blue background. To create a new tag set based on the currently selected tags, click "Save selected tags as tag set" and enter a name.
  • New upload method: Import > Import from Marketplace. A faster way to create your Wardrobe items! Drag a Marketplace URL to your Wardrobe webpage, and the "Import from Marketplace" dialog will open. Drop the URL on the "Marketplace URL" field (or paste in a Marketplace URL and click "Go"), and the tool will retrieve all relevant information (title, image, tags) from the product's Marketplace page. The tags are extracted from the description text and adapted to the tags you're using, so treat them as a initial suggestion that you can adapt to your own needs.
  • Support for Bento attachment points in "Undress", "Locks", the item's dressing preferences.
  • Search: support for search à la Google:
    • use quotation marks to search for an exact sequence of words
    • use a minus sign "-" to exlude words
  • Multi-Edit (Tools > Multi-Edit) now works on the selected items instead of all visible items. When you open the Multi-Edit tool, the visible items will become selected. You can now modify the selection (deselect/re-select a single item by Ctrl-clicking (Mac: Cmd-clicking) it, holding the shift key to select a range, etc.). When you click "OK" in the editing dialog, the changes will only be applied to the selected items.


  • Support for Bento attachment points.
  • New upload method: Scanner / Marketplace import. When unpacking your purchases, click the new scanner icon on your HUD (5o'clock position) when you're standing next to a box/bag containing the new clothing. The Wardrobe HUD will look for a match on the Marketplace and if it finds one, will add the corresponding item to your Wardrobe.
  • Marketplace Automatic Quick Import. When you click the snapshot button, you now have the option to do an automatic Marketplace import by simply pasting the Marketplace item's URL in local chat. Title, tags, and images will be set automatically, based on the information on the Marketplace web page.

September 2015 (v2.5)


  • New upload method: drag snapshots onto your webpage to import them (see below).
  • Hierarchical tags: if a tag contains slashes "/" or ">>", the parts separated by these separators will be displayed as subgroups in the tags view.
  • Configure closet / custom boards (Tools > Configure Closet). You must be in the vicinity of closet rezzed inworld or a custom board to use the tool.
  • Configure Posestand, backdrop textures catalogue (Tools > Posestand Backdrops).


  • New upload method: click the "Snapshot" button and enter the item details, take a snapshot and drag it (or a batch of snapshots) onto the webpage to import them. The item details you entered will be associated with the snapshot automatically.
  • Auto-strip feature. When enabled (on the web page: edit an item > Dressing > Auto-Strip), all the clothing layers and attachments contained in the folder will be removed automatically as soon as one of the layers/attachments is removed either manually or using the Wardrobe.
  • The pose stand configuration shows the RGB value of the current color and lets you adjust the RGB values directly on the HUD.


  • Wardrobe v2.5 comes with a brand new, beautiful mesh closet. The closet's appearance can be configured both with the HUD and on the Wardrobe web page (Tools > Configure Closet).

April 2013 (v2.4)


  • A dialog showing the wear history.
  • Per-item options to set QuickDress defaults (add or replace, put on base outfits before the actual outfit).
  • Batch file upload, which allows dragging and dropping of files.
  • Locking clothing layers and attachments (Tools > Locks).
  • Password protection (Preferences > Security).


  • Inworld texture uploads on the HUD: text can be now entered also on channel 23 instead of only in local chat.
  • Option to adjust windlight when posing from HUD.
  • Turning on/off wearing-related messages.

Pose stand

  • Adjust z-offset and rotation from HUD.


  • Menus for access control and control who can dress you.
  • Sorting in parcel media closet.
  • Custom Closet Display if you want to build your own closet (see the respective notecard for instructions).


  • Detect full path: if an item title starts with a "/", the item title is treated as the full path to the item, and this path is used when the item is put on.

January 2012 (v2.3)

  • A dialog showing the currently worn outfits (need to be worn from within in the #RLV folder).
  • This dialog allows you to remove an outfit (remove clothing by outfit rather than by layers/attachment points).
  • The dialog also allows you to re-apply an outfit.
  • Support for new layers and attachment points was added.
  • The Edit dialog now includes the Alpha layer to take off before wearing.
  • Optionally, all base outfits can be put on before putting on an outfit.
  • The quality of inworld textures uploaded to the Wardrobe (either via the webpage by entering the texture UUID or by dragging and dropping a texture onto the HUD) has been improved.
  • The gifts section on the Wardrobe web page.
  • The Wardrobe HUD can be locked so as to prevent it from being detached via RLV (Menu > Setup > Lock HUD).
  • Camera angle management (in Menu > CamAngles): allows you to save, restore, and delete camera angles.
  • Improved design of the on-HUD display and the page for the "shared media" closet.
  • The size of the pose stand can be changed (in Menu > ConfigStand > Size).
  • The pose stand can temporarily change your Windlight settings for improved snapshot lighting (requires RLV).
  • The HUD contains a selection of new poses, including male poses.
  • When a new pose stand is rezzed from the HUD, you can choose which set of poses to add to the pose stand.

April 2011 (v2.2)

  • Undressing your avatar. Click the "Undress" button and choose what you want to take off.
  • You have more control over what you want to wear. There is still the usual "Quick Dress" icon, and an additional new icon that lets you choose what to wear: you can choose from which subfolder you want to wear the items, or you can chose which layers or attachment points to put on.
  • Save and restore camera angles. There is a new button on the HUD with which you can save camera angles. Cam on your avatar while posing using the HUD or standing on the Wardrobe pose stand and click the upper half of the button to save your perfected camera angle. To restore a camera angle, click one of the small arrow buttons in the lower half of the Camera button. Stand up or click the HUD's Stop button to release the camera.

January 2011 (v2.1)

  • Added more control over what is detached when an outfit is worn.
  • Removed "security" feature from parcel media closet, added "resetcloset" chat command.

December 2010 (v2.0)

  • Wear outfits directly from your Wardrobe page. With a single click you now can put on an outfit, either from your Wardrobe webpage or from the new inworld rezzable closet.
  • New inworld rezzable closet, which uses land media to display your Wardrobe and therefore works with any viewer.
  • New pose stand with a configurable backdrop. The new Wardrobe comes with a pose stand, that is actually a mini photo studio. With your HUD you can configure the backdrop colors and textures. The backdrop only unfolds when you are posing and will disappear if you stop posing. Of course you can also hide the backdrop and use the pose stand as any other pose stand.
  • New set of poses. A new set of 15 poses by Lonka Simondsen from *LeFreak* is contained in the Wardrobe, both for posing with the HUD and the pose stand.
  • Easier upload of existing textures. Simply drag a texture onto your HUD and enter title and tags.

May 2010 (v1.0)

Initial release.

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