A Few Highlights

  • Take snapshots of your outfits or import them directly from a Marketplace listing, tag them with as many tags as you like, and upload them to your Wardrobe. No upload fees. Ever.
  • Don't put an outfit on to see what it looks like. Take a snapshot once (best just after you buy it) and you'll have it in your Wardrobe forever.
  • Wear outfits with one click directly from your Wardrobe web page.
  • SL textures load slowly. No need to wait for your texture snapshots of outfits them to rez anymore to see what an outfit looks like. Just open your Wardrobe, and voila!
  • Tags allow you to put outfits in many categories. It has never been so easy to see all your classy gowns or your purple clothes or your grungy pants or ... whatever... at once glance.
  • Find your outfits by tags on the Wardrobe website. Simply click the tags that match your search criteria, and you will get a list of all outfits that have the tag you selected.
  • We guarantee that the website stays available. No recurring payments to use the website*.
  • You have already taken snapshots of outfits? No problem! You can easily upload existing textures into your Wardrobe.
  • You can use the Wardrobe HUD for posing to take snapshots. A set of poses is included. You may add as many of your own poses as you wish. No need to rez balls, the HUD works everywhere.
  • Wardrobe also comes with a special pose stand. The configurable pose stand's backdrop turns it into a mini photo studio.
  • Wardrobe comes with a nice closet that you can rez inworld. It allows you to view your Wardrobe web page and show it to friends. A variety of closet styles is available. A big thank you to Karthikeyan Engineer, the owner of MADRAS, for designing and creating the mesh closet.

* A Premium Service is available with added benefits, available at 50L$ per week.