A Wardrobe Tutorial

Submitted in gratitude to Carly for a great Wardrobe, by DoctorKaren Kanto

So you have a huge inventory of items and want to get them into the CTS Wardrobe 2.x efficiently? I am going to present a relatively simple case in which you have an outfit all together in a folder, ready to wear. The task is to get the outfit into Wardrobe so you can access and wear it from there.

Here is how it can be done:


To wear the items from Wardrobe, you will need to:

  1. have RLV enabled... check the documentation for how to do that.
  2. Create an #RLV folder in your inventory


  1. Wear the CTS Wardrobe HUD
  2. Open your inventory window
  3. Open a second inventory window next to the current one.
    • In Phoenix: Inventory menu File / New Window.
    • In Firestorm: Open new inventory window button.

    We will refer to the first window as A and the second as B.
    Scroll window A to show the folder of the outfit you are loading.
    Scroll window B to show the #RLV folder.
  4. If the outfit folder is not already in the #RLV folder, move it, and its contents, there by dragging it over from A to B.
  5. Right click on the outfit folder's name and select Rename. Equivalently, select the outfit folder and press F2.
  6. Press Ctrl-C to copy the folder name (if you wish, you could rename the folder before re-selecting the name and copying it).

If you do not already have a picture of the outfit:

  1. Wear the item. (You want to take a snapshot of the outfit, and this will also ensure that the outfit is set up for correct use with RLV.)
  2. Use the Wardrobe HUD's Pose function (left and right arrows at the bottom) to pose yourself. Move your camera so that the outfit is shown well and fills as much of your screen as you wish.
  3. Press the viewer's snapshot button. In the snapshot window, select Send via email and then press the Send button.
    • In the Email Snapshot window, enter the Wardrobe email address for the "Recipient's Email"
    • Your email address and your name should already be filled in
    • In the Subject line, press Ctrl-V to paste in the name of the folder (the folder name and this subject line have to match exactly)
    • In the message area, type in any and all key words you might use to refer to this outfit, separated by commas. If you think of others later, you will be able to add or edit the key word list later
    • Press the Send button.
  4. You are DONE! If you have more outfits to load, go back to #3 above.

If you already have a texture/pic of the outfit (e.g . it came with the outfit) AND it is mod, copy and transferable:

  1. Drag the texture/pic to the center of the Wardrobe HUD. Local Chat will prompt you to enter the title of the item in the next 60 seconds...
  2. In local chat, press Ctrl-V, or type in the name of the folder w the outfit (the name must match the folder exactly) and press Enter.
  3. in local chat, type a list of search key words (tags) you might use to look for the item/outfit, separated by commas... be as creative as you want... you might include item/outfit type, designer, color, style... and press Enter.
  4. In local chat, type in any notes or remarks about the outfit, or just press the period if there are none, and press Enter.
  5. You are DONE! If you have more outfits to load, go back to #3 above.

Additional Notes