The Skylight HUD.

  • "Record Preset" — records the currently active WindLight settings and saves them as a new preset.
  • "Open Skylight" — opens the Skylight web page either directly above the HUD (upper button) or in a web browser (lower button).
  • "Menu" — opens the Skylight menu. The menu gives you options to operate the HUD from the menu and configure the HUD.
  • "Save Camera Angle" — saves the current view as a new camera angle.
  • "Previous/Next Camera Angle" — switch between the camera angles that were saved in the region you're currently in. (If the camera doesn't move, hit the Escape key a couple of times to release the manual camera override.)
  • "Release Camera" — terminates the camera control, allowing you to go back to the normal camera mode.

The buttons in the middle row are your favorites. The upper and lower colors represent the light and blue horizon colors, respectively.

HUD Web Page Display.

Clicking the "Open HUD Webpage Display" button (the upper part of ) will bring up a display next to your HUD showing the Skylight web page, so you can interact with it directly in your viewer. If the contents doesn't load immediately, click on the "Home" button in the browser bar that appears when you hover over the display: