The Skylight is an SL photography tool that makes it easier for you to work with WindLight (SL's natural lighting), and with camera angles.

For your photoshoot you might have a certain mood in mind, requiring that very specific ambient lighting, but only from the name it's difficult to guess the effect of a WindLight preset. Or you might have a handful of favorite presets; by now you know their names, but it's a pain to apply them, scrolling through all the available ones.

It might also frustrate you to set up the perfect shot, but once you have your angle, you still need to zoom in and out with your camera to set lighting and props right — or you want the exact same angle for a series of shots; a delicate thing to do since your carefully chosen camera angle can be lost quickly if you're careless for an instant.

This is where Skylight comes in handy, helping you

  • browsing existing WindLight presets visually on your personal Skylight web page (Skylight comes with the 735 default viewer prestes pre-loaded),
  • adding your own WindLight presets,
  • creating your set of favorite presets, which you can apply with a single click on the Skylight HUD,
  • saving and restoring camera angles.

Please note: to use this device, you'll need an RLV-capable viewer with RLV activated. The official SL viewer does not support RLV. Viewers from the SL Third Party Viewer Directory are Firestorm, Catznip, Restrained Love, Singularity, Black Dragon, Kokua.