Advanced Camera Angle Usage.

Skylight can chat the current camera position and focus to you: open the menu and click Camera Angles > Chat Cur Angle.

The output is of the following format:

p x,y,z f x,y,z a azimuth i inclination

The commands (p, f, a, i) have the following meaning:

Conversely, you can use the same commands in local chat on channel 25 to position your camera precisely. You don't need to type all of them, just pick the ones you want to change. E.g., if you want to leave the camera at the current position but change the direction you're looking towards you can type only the a command.

When you're done with the camera angle, release the scripted camera and return to the normal camera mode by clicking the "Stop" button on the HUD or type

/25 r

in local chat.


Note that if you set the camera focus (using the f command) and if the location you're focusing on is far away, objects might be in the range of your camera position and the focus location, so the actual target you want to focus might be occluded.

The azimuth and inclination commands (a and i) can't be used in comination with the focus command (f). If you provide both, the azimuth and inclination will be ignored.