my mind is /
a big hunk of irrevocable nothing which touch and taste and smell /
and hearing and sight keep hitting and chipping with sharp fatal /
tools /
in an agony of sensual chisels i perform squirms of chrome and ex /
-ecute strides of cobalt /
nevertheless i /
feel that i cleverly am being altered that i slightly am becoming /
something a little different, in fact /
myself /
hereupon helpless i utter lilac shrieks and scarlet bellowings.

ee cummings


Carlyle Theas Solutions is an enterprise focusing on Second Life gadgets with the goal to make your personal and professional second life so much easier.
Tools for photographers, shop owners, DJs, and SL residents like you and me.

The inworld store is located at Fashion Boulevard II (132, 176, 22).

Here is an overview over the product line. To learn more about a product, click on the thumbnail image.

"Wardrobe" is (CTS)'s must-have: an easy-to-use organizer for your outfits. Upload snapshots of your outfits to your personal Wardrobe website and wear them with a single click! No paying fees for texture uploads, no waiting for textures to rez!
Categorize your outfits with tags and find them again easily by selecting the tags of the outfit you are looking for. Add as many tags as you want, and your outfit is in multiple categories at once. You are no longer limited by SL's inventory structure. See all your gowns or all your red outfits or all your outfits with buckles (or whatever) with one click at one glance! Comes with a HUD and closets that you can rez inworld to browse your outfits and show them to your friends. It also includes a pose stand that acts as a mini photo studio.
Price: 699 L$.
"Shopalicious" is a new HUD that will revolutionize your shopping experience.
It is perfect for shopping alone or with your friends; for sharing your discoveries directly with your shopping buddies or on your blog; for revealing what that gorgeous outfit is on the person near you.
Price: 299 L$.
"Skylight" is (CTS)'s new SL photography tool: a visual manager for WindLight presets (SL's natural lighting) and for your camera angles.
To set up your perfect photo shoot, you'll want two things in addition to your motive: lighting that conveys the mood of your picture, and you want to compose the picture so it intrigues the viewer. Skylight helps you with that by letting you find a WindLight setting quickly by browsing the visual catalog or applying one of your favorite presets, and by helping you manage your camera angles, which you can save and restore with a single click on the Skylight HUD.
Price: 499 L$.
The "Archive" is a inventory storage and safe keeping solution that lets you organize the boxes and items you no longer need actively in your inventory into drawers and integrates seamlessly with the Wardrobe.
Price: 449 L$.
Wardrobe Rule Book.
The "Wardrobe Rule Book" is a fun add-on for your Wardrobe HUD. It makes your RPing more fun, or just helps with your daily routines: The Rule Book lets you define rules to automagically put outfits on, take them off, execute RLV commands or emit messages in local chat (e.g., to interact with other devices).
With more than 30 configurable conditions and around 10 actions to choose from you're only limited by your imagination when writing your rules!
Price: 349 L$.
The "Spyglass" is more than just a gadget. In fact, it is a multi-purpose must-have HUD (Heads Up Display) that includes a versatile camera control and saving of "lookmarks" (camera angles — click the image to learn some scenarios why that will make your life so much easier) and features a friends list displaying the friends that are currently in the same sim as you — no matter how far away — lets you focus your camera on them or teleport to them. The Spyglass also includes a set of tools which you don't want to miss: anti-AFK, flight assist, facial expression emote, an online monitor, and much more.
Price: 399 L$.
The "Viewfinder" is a wonderful tool for Second Life photographers. It lets you persistently save camera angles, just as the Spyglass, but reduced to what is essential to photographers. If you are a good photographer, you won't just start shooting. You know how important lighting is to create the right atmosphere for you eye-catching works of art. The Viewfinder lets you save the perfect angle and automatically restores it with highest precision and therefore greatly simplifies the process of zooming in and out while adjusting your scene.
Price: 199 L$.
DJ Titler.
A nifty little tool for any Second Life DJ that displays the current song over your head as a titler. SHOUTcast and icecast versions available.
Price: 99 L$.
Marquee DJ Titler.
A version of the DJ Title that displays the current song as an easily readable ticker above your head. SHOUTcast version available.
Price: 149 L$.
"Presence" is a versatile visitor tracker that comes with an abundance of sophisticated statistics features, has an offworld web interface that lets you see your visitors even if you are not inworld.
Price: 499 L$.
Been waiting in front of Lucky Chairs for hours and just missed your letter? Did someone teleport in and grab your price shamelessly in front of your nose? The LuckyCharm does a bit of magic to boost your luck. It will sit you on a chair automatically whenever it hears a Lucky Chair say your letter!
Price: 99 L$.
Online Monitor.
The "Online Monitor" lets you monitor your friend's (or enemy's) online statuses, even if you are offline yourself. Notifications are sent to you by IM or E-mail as soon as they log on or off. This device is fully controllable off-world through a Web interface and comes as a base station and a HUD. Also comes with two goodies: an online indicator for your own website or blog, and a desktop mini app showing the online statuses of your friends for your Windows Sidebar or Mac OS X Dashboard.
Price: 349 L$.
Terrain Scanner.
The Terrain Scanner will create a 3D model of a the terrain of sim, which, for instance, can be used as a map or as a basis for a sim scanner.
The entire sim terrain is replicated as a textured sculpted prim.
Price: 199 L$.