Setting up Xash in your club is a matter of a few simple steps.
Please make sure to follow the procedure in order for Xash to work correctly.

Quick Instructions

  1. Rez the Xash Server object.
  2. Click it to go to the Xash web page.
  3. Configure your club on the web page. Add tip jar groups.
  4. Rez tip jars. To use your existing tip jars, replace their scripts with the ones contained in the Xash tip jar.
  5. If you need a land group to set the stream, rez the Xash Stream Relay.
  6. Optionally, rez the event and stream boards and create events on the Xash web page.
  7. Optionally, rez the microphones if you want the local chat extension functionality.

Full Instructions

  1. Rez the Xash Server object in your club.
    You may want to hide it so that it is only apparent to you and your management staff. After rezzing, make sure you grant the server permission to take money from your account. This is needed to pay your entertainers, since any tips won't go directly to them, but to your account first so that any club commission can be deducted.
  2. Click the Xash Server object.
    You'll be asked to be taken to the Xash web interface, which will open in your browser. Make sure that you don't share the URL with anyone. Everyone from your club management staff will get their own URL.
  3. Create the Xash configuration for your club.
    • You might want to start by filling in "General Information" and the "Club Radio Stations" in the Club Details tab.
    • After that, proceed to Tip Jar Groups.
      In this tab, you will define groups of tip jars. Every tip jar within a group will have the same configuration (appearance, commission, etc.). The idea is that you might want to have different conditions for the distinct groups of people working in your club (DJs, hosts, dancers, etc.), or you might want club donation tip jars which should be set up differently than tip jars dedicated to your entertainers.
      Create one tip jar group for each group of entertainers for which you want a different configuration (e.g., DJs should be able to change your club's stream, but dancers shouldn't have that ability).
    • Proceed to the Club Stuff tab.
      Add the people in your management team and your staff. When adding a staff member, assign the tip jar group(s) you created previously that you want the respective staff member to be able to log into.
    • Optionally, you can change the Xash web page appearance for your club and for the event board in the Appearance tab.
    • If you want to use the Xash Event Board and have an event calendar on your Xash Club Webpage, you can enter your club events now. It is no problem if you want to enter them later.
  4. Back inworld, rez the tip jars. After rezzing a tip jar, it will ask you which tip jar group you want to assign it to. Select one of the groups you defined previously.
    Using your own tip jars: You can easily use the tip jars you already have installed in your club. To do that, remove any scripts from your existing tip jars. Rez a Xash tip jar and drop the "XashTipJar" and "XashTipJarMenu" scripts from the Xash tip jar's content into your own ones.
  5. If you need a group to set the parcel stream URL, rez the Xash Stream Relay object and deed it to the land group. If you can set the parcel stream directly, this step isn't needed, as the Xash Server can set the stream URL directly. Make sure that you do not deed the Xash Server to the group since this would mess up the money transfers.
  6. Rez and place your event board if you want. Rezzing the event board is completely optional.
  7. If you want the chat extender funcionality, rez the Xash Chat Microphones in strategic locations and make sure the microphone' range cover the desired area. Touch the microphones to turn on a particle visualization showing their range. Touch again to turn the visualization off.