Tip Jar API

The tip jars offer a link_message API in case you want to customize or extend their functionality.

Within the link_message event of a script you can react to the following messages:

Message Description integer num string str key id
LOG_IN_REQUESTED Sent when the user clicks the "Log In" button in the menu. 31004 The UUID of the agent requesting the log in
LOG_OUT_REQUESTED Sent when the user clicks the "Log Out" button in the menu. 31005 The UUID of the agent requesting the log out
LOG_IN Sent when a log in or log out was approved and the user is actually logged in/out. 30007 The UUID of the agent logged in, or NULL_KEY on log outs
GOAL_PERCENTAGE_UPDATED Sent if the tip jar is set to be a goal tip jar, and the percentage of the goal reached was updated. 32001 The total amount tipped to this tip jar The goal amount

Using the LOG_IN event, you could, e.g., create a tip jar that follows the logged in person around and returns to a default place when the user logs out.

Using the GOAL_PERCENTAGE_UPDATED event, you could create a donation thermometer tip jar. You would calculate the percentage with
integer percentage = ((integer) str) * 100) / ((integer) ((string) id));