my mind is /
a big hunk of irrevocable nothing which touch and taste and smell /
and hearing and sight keep hitting and chipping with sharp fatal /
tools /
in an agony of sensual chisels i perform squirms of chrome and ex /
-ecute strides of cobalt /
nevertheless i /
feel that i cleverly am being altered that i slightly am becoming /
something a little different, in fact /
myself /
hereupon helpless i utter lilac shrieks and scarlet bellowings.

ee cummings


Finally here: Spyglass v2.0!

Adjusting the User Interface.

In order for the texts and the action buttons to be displayed optimally on your screen, you have the option to adjust these user interface elements. By opening the menu and choosing the "UI" button you can push the texts and action buttons together or pull them apart.

Select the user interface elements you want to adjust — either "Texts" or "Buttons" — and use the buttons "Together" and "Apart," respectively, to adjust. Then use the "Move" buttons to move the texts or buttons so they become nicely aligned. "Move +1" and "Move -10" will move the elements upward by a small or a bigger step, "Move -1" and "Move -10" will move the elements downward.

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