Social Shopping

If you're shopping with friends, Shopalicious helps you exchange your ideas and opinions by making it simple to see what your friends are looking at. This is described in the sections below:

Setting Shopping Buddies

Once the friends you're going shopping with are all in the same sim as you, you can set them as your shopping buddies for your shopping tour.

Do that by clicking the Menu button and then selecting Set Buddies and adding all of your friends.

The HUD will display your current shopping buddies.

Whenever you see something you'd like your friends to have a look at, click the Share button , and they'll have the option to look at what you're seeing or save it as a lookmark immediately (provided they also have the Shopalicious HUD).

Tracking Someone's Camera

If your friends don't have the Shopalicious HUD, you can still ask them if you could track their camera. Click the Track Camera button and pick the person whose camera you'd like to track. The person will need to grant the permission to let you track their camera. Until they do, the HUD will display that it is waiting for the permission, and will start following the camera of your friend once they grant the permission.

Note that the camera transitions won't be completely smooth. The camera angle updates once a second.

If you don't want to track your friends camera any longer, just click the Track Camera button again.

If the tracking doesn't start, although it says so, hit the Escape key a couple of times to release the manual camera override.