Setting and Rating a Lookmark

To set a lookmark, simply click the Set Lookmark button on your HUD. At all times, your HUD displays what you're looking at. This will be used as name for the lookmark when you set one. Some vendor boards don't display their contents, so you might want to focus on a rezzed piece of clothing on a hanger instead to get a more meaningful name. Alternatively, you can change the name of a lookmark after you set it by typing the new name in local chat (you'll see these instructions in local chat after setting a lookmark).

After you set a lookmark, the first button on the HUD will change to the rating mode: . If you like you can tell how much you like this item (it might help you later to decide if you want to get it). Also, you can tell Shopalicious if you're getting a demo or if you're purchasing the item.

This can help you, e.g., filter out only demo lookmarks if you go back later to purchase the items which you got demos for.

After setting a lookmark, its URL is printed in local chat. Copy it if you'd like to share it on your blog. When clicking a lookmark URL on a blog page, the map will open, offering to teleport to the lookmark location, and to view the lookmark, once arrived at the location.

Note that lookmarks are saved per-sim, i.e., the lookmarks you saved in a sim will only be viewable when you are in that sim.

Viewing a Lookmark

To view and cycle among lookmarks, click the Focus Previous/Next Lookmark buttons on your HUD. The HUD will display the name of the current lookmark and the lookmark's rating. You can interact with the rating button if you want to change the rating.

If nothing happens when you click the buttons, hit the Escape key a couple of times to release the manual camera override (if you cam around, the manual camera override becomes active, which takes precedence over the scripted camera).

To stop viewing lookmarks and switch back to the normal viewer mode, click the green bar below the previous/next buttons. This will release the scripted camera and put the viewer in the regular camera mode again.

Filtering Lookmarks

Shopalicious has a filter option if you only want to view lookmarks with specific ratings (e.g., to only view your heart-rated lookmarks, or your demos).

By default, the filter function is deactivated; activate it by clicking the Menu button , and then selecting Setup > Show/Hide Filter.

The Filter button has six sub-buttons. The top four correspond to the ratings, and activating one or more of them will tell Shopalicious to only display lookmarks which have this rating.

E.g., if you only want to see only the lookmarks with the heart rating, make sure only the heart button is active on the filter. Or if you want to see the items you've got demos for that you like (that have a star rating), activate the "Demo" and the "Star" buttons (but not the others).

The "All" button activates all ratings, and "None" clears them all.

If all ratings are selected, all lookmarks you saved are viewable. If no ratings are selected, you can only view the lookmarks you haven't rated.

Deleting a Lookmark

If you're viewing a lookmark, you'll see a small red button in the bottom right corner below the prev/next lookmark buttons . Press this button to delete the currently focused lookmark.

Alternatively, click the Menu button and select Del. Curr. Lm.

Lookmark History

Click the History button to view the last 20 places at which you've set lookmarks. The list displayed in local chat includes links which let you teleport back to the location.

Sharing Lookmarks

There are several ways to share lookmarks: