Operation and Adjustments

Clicking on a sensor will bring up a menu from which you can choose options to configure an individual sensor.
Note that only the owner can do this.

  • Scan Radius lets you set the scan radius of the sensor. Predefined values ranging from 5m to 96m can be selected, or custom values can be specified in local chat.
  • Scan Rate sets the rate how frequently scans are performed. The lower the rate (in seconds), the better the accuracy, but the higher the lag, and vice versa. Lets you select from a predefined range between 15 seconds and 3 minutes. User defined values can be specified in local chat.
    Note: If you want to send visitor notifications to a lot of people, you must not set the scan rate too high. There is a delay of 2 seconds after each notification.
  • Scan Restrictions allows you to restrict scanning to only the parcel in which the scanner was rezzed.
  • Notifyees manages the list of people who will be notified when a visitor arrives or leaves. By default it contains the owner of the sensor.
  • Excludees manages the list of people who will be excluded from scanning. This list is empty by default.
  • Set Form URL allows you to set a new Form URL to which the scanner will report (i.e., to change the Google Spreadsheet in which the data is gathered).
  • Show Config shows the current sensor configuration.
  • Chat Distance If turned on, the sensor will chat the distance between it and your avatar in local chat every few seconds. You can use this feature to determine the best scan radius. Note that the scan radius is limited to 96m (maximum).
    Select again to turn chatting off.
  • Restart Scanner restarts the scanner in case it has stopped (due to sim restart or similar).