Setting Up

Box Contents

The Base Station

The base station record online times of residents. It notifies you when a resident comes online or went offline. The notification method is either by IM or E-mail, or you can turn it off altogether. It is also configurable to notify only when you are online or only when you are offline.

It optionally sends you an E-mail report at midnight (SLT) of all the data that has been recorded during the day.

For the Web interface to function (including the online indicator for your website/blog and the desktop mini apps), you must rez a base station. If you only want to use the OnlineMonitor HUD, rezzing the base station is not required.

The OnlineMonitor base station is the object named "The Persistence of Memory" located within your (CTS) OnlineMonitor folder. It is a reproduction of Salvador Dalí's "Persistence of Memory". If you don't like it you can modify the object any time to your liking and create your own OnlineMonitor base station object out of it.


The HUD shows the residents that are currently online above the HUD. The HUD has a number of buttons to add and remove residents, to retrieve the statistics and to access the Web interface.

If you want to use the HUD, attach it to any HUD attachment point. By default it attaches to the bottom right HUD attachment point. As soon as you attach it, it will connect to the server and retrieve the names of the residents you are currently monitoring and adds them to the HUD system.