To start the scanning process, rez the TerrainScanner object on the ground. You will see the commands as floating text above the scanner object and in local chat. If you're excited about the scanner and want to try it out quickly, just type



scan region

in local chat, and it will start scanning the entire sim you're in. You can also just scan the current parcel; for that you'd type

scan parcel

See below for detailed command descriptions.

It will take around 30 seconds (or more, depending on lag) until the scanning process is completed. After that, you will see a URL in local chat from which you can download the sculpt texture. Download the image and upload it into SL as a texture. Make sure you choose lossless compression. The TerrainScanner rezzes and textures a prim for you to which you can apply the sculpt texture (right click the prim, choose "Edit", then, in the "Object" tag drag your sculpt texture into the respective field).

If you want your name as the creator of the sim model, you can create your own sculpted prim using your generated sculpt texture. Choose "Plane" as stitching type. To texture the model with the sim map, replace the UUID in the included SetTexture script with the UUID which is chatted to you by the TerrainScanner after completing the scanning process and drop the script into your sculpted prim. The script will texture the prim and remove itself automatically.

Scanner Commands

Operation Dependences

This device relies on the following web services: