Before you begin, please not that you must use an RLV-capable viewer (including Firestorm, Catznip, Restrained Love, Singularity, Black Dragon, Kokua) and RLV must be enabled.

In Firestorm, for instance, it is disabled by default. To enable it, open the Preferences, go to the "Firestorm" tab and tick the "Enable Restrained Love" check box as shown in the following screenshot:

Enabling RLV works similarly in other viewers.

Once you have activated RLV, setting up is easy: simply attach it anywhere you like. By default (if you just select "Wear") it attaches to your HUD on the "top left" position. You can attach it anywhere else on your HUD, or on any other attachment spot. If you attach it to your HUD you will see a button with a clover leaf on it. Touch it to turn the LuckyCharm off, and touch it again to turn it on again.

You can also attach it anywhere else on your body. If you do that it will become transparent and it will always be on as long as you are wearing it.