Do you know this experience? You have been waiting before a store's Lucky Chairs for hours, without your letter showing up. Then, finally, you realize it's there! But you didn't pay attention when the letter changed, and the letter changes again before you have a chance to jump on the chair, or, even worse, someone teleports in and grabs the prize shamelessly in front of your nose!

The LuckyCharm does a bit of magic to boost your luck. Just wear it as a HUD or attach it anywhere on your body, and it will sit you on a chair automatically whenever it hears a Lucky Chair say your letter!

Special thanks to Lex Doghouse for her awesome idea!

Please note: to use this device, you'll need an RLV-capable viewer with RLV activated. The official SL viewer does not support RLV. Viewers from the SL Third Party Viewer Directory are Firestorm, Catznip, Restrained Love, Singularity, Black Dragon, Kokua.