my mind is /
a big hunk of irrevocable nothing which touch and taste and smell /
and hearing and sight keep hitting and chipping with sharp fatal /
tools /
in an agony of sensual chisels i perform squirms of chrome and ex /
-ecute strides of cobalt /
nevertheless i /
feel that i cleverly am being altered that i slightly am becoming /
something a little different, in fact /
myself /
hereupon helpless i utter lilac shrieks and scarlet bellowings.

ee cummings


The solution for inventory storage and safe keeping.

  • Box up and store things you no longer actively need.
  • Store existing boxes or rez a basket to box up your items.
  • Organize your archived items in drawers.
  • Search and retrieve stored items easily.
  • Seamless Wardrobe integration.

The Archive comes as a copyable cabinet, in which you can store boxes you don't want to clutter your inventory with (i.e., boxes and shopping bags as they come from designers and creators), and baskets you can fill with your own things that you don't actively need anymore in your inventory.

The Archive's fundamental organizing principle are drawers, into which you'll categorize your items for easier handling, search, and retrieval. Of course, the Archive includes a search function that searches all drawers, and gives you commands to retrieve or delete boxes from your Archive.

Adding a box to the Archive is as easy as Ctrl+dragging the box onto the Archive. All you have to do then is tell it which drawer to put it into.

To box up your own items (always put them in boxes! don't just randomly drop notecards, landmarks, or objects etc. in there!), the Archive rezzes a basket for you which you can fill with your things, and it will visually indicate that there is something in it. If you use a viewer with zdrop support, copy and paste the command chatted to you by the basket, and it will be filled automagically!

Last but not least, the Archive integrates seamlessly with your (CTS) Wardrobe. You can search the Archive directly from your Wardrobe page, you can box up items (e.g., old non-mesh things you don't need anymore) by clicking the "Archiving" icon, and the Archive will rez a basket for you, and you can retrieve a box by clicking the "Unarchiving" icon. If you drag a box to the Archive, it will ask you if you want to associate it with an item in your Wardrobe, and if you choose to do so, you can later retrieve the box by also clicking the "Unarchiving" icon.

Artwork by Lisa Figueroa

A big thank you to Karthikeyan Engineer, the owner of MADRAS, for designing and creating the mesh cabinet.

How To Buy.

Rezzing and Preparing your Archive

First, give your Archive cabinet a name, so, in case you'll rez multiple cabinets, you will know what you will store in it. The cabinet can display its name as a hover text to identify it (you can choose the color in the menu).

The core organizing concept of Archive are drawers. You'll put everything you want to add to an Archive into a drawer. You'll give each drawer a name, the names are totally up to you.

Each drawer is linked to your Archive cabinet and has 1 land impact.

Once you've rezzed an new Archive inworld, create at least one drawer by touching the Ardchive cabinet and click "Add Drawer". You'll be prompted to give the drawer a name. Once you've entered a name, a drawer object is rezzed and linked to the Archive. You'll see a prompt that the drawer requests to be linked. Click "Yes" to complete the drawer creation process.

Repeat this for every drawer you want to add to your Archive.

Please note that the Archive will set a description automatically containing the Archive ID. Make sure you don't edit it. The Archive ID will ensure that the association between your Wardrobe items and the boxes in the Archive will remain.

Adding Boxes to the Archive

Once your Archive contains at least one drawer, you can start adding boxes to it that you want to archive. Note that you can only add boxed up items to the Archive.

If you already have a box, you can simply Ctrl+drag it to the Archive, and it will ask you which drawer you want to add it to. If you own the Wardrobe, it might also ask you if you want to associate the box with a Wardrobe item.

If you need to box up items first, the Archive can rez a basked for you into which you can drop the items. Touch the Archive and select "Rez Basket" from the menu and type in a name when it prompts you. Fill the basket with your items by Ctrl+dragging them onto it.

Alternatively, if you're using the Firestorm viewer, you can zdrop items into the basket. The basket chats the command in local chat, so you can just copy and paste it, substituting the correct folder name. (It is useful if you use the name of the folder you want to box up for the basket, then the zdrop command is already correct.) Note that, for zdrop to work, the folder must be a top-level folder, i.e., contained directly below the "Inventory" root folder. You might have to move it there first before using zdrop.

Once everything is in your basket (you'll notice that you'll get a visual indication that it contains stuff), take the basket into your inventory, and from there, ctrl+drag it onto the Archive.

Managing Archived Contents

When you touch the Archive, you get three options to manage its contents:

  • Search Item: All drawers of the Archive are search for the search term you enter. The results are displayed in local chat. It will also display an example how to carry out actions on an item (i.e., extract or delete an item from the Archive).
    The commands are as follows:
    • /33 give {item-name}
      extracts the item named {item-name} and gives you the box.
    • /33 delete {item-name}
      deletes the item named {item-name} from the Archive.
  • List Drawers: Displays the name of all drawers contained in the Archive.
  • Manage Items: Prompts you to select a drawer and then displays the names of all the boxes contained in that drawer along with the commands you can perform on them (see above).

The Archive also assists you if you want to manage the drawer contents or the drawer object by the "native" viewer means. If you click Open Drawer in the menu, you are asked to select a drawer, which will then slide out. When you choose "Edit" from the context menu after right-clicking the Archive and ticking "Edit linked", you can select the drawer and inspect and manage it's contents.

To rename a drawer, select it in your viewer, and then give it a new name in viewer's object inspector.

You can also delete an entire drawer by unlinking it from the Archive (press Ctrl+Shift+L) and then deleting it.

Please note, though, that if you're using the Wardrobe integration, the Wardrobe items won't be updated when you interact directly with a drawer's contents (i.e., add to or delete from it, or if you unlink and delete the entire drawer). However, it is safe to rename the drawer.

Wardrobe Integration

If you own the Wardrobe, the Archive integrates with your Wardrobe webpage in several ways:

  • You can archive items you don't need anymore (or you just want to make a backup of). Activate your Archive bar if it currently isn't active by clicking the Archive button . Then, click the Archive icon on an item and select the drawer to which you want to add the item. This will make the inworld Archive rez a basket, which will get the name of your Wardrobe item. Now fill the basket's contents with the item's folder contents and add it to your Archive.
    On the webpage you get the option to select the archiving mode. This is just an information for the Wardrobe. If you choose to keep the folder in your inventory, the Wardrobe page will still let you dress you with the item. If you choose to delete it from the inventory, you'll only have the unarchive option, i.e., obtaining the item from your Archive.
  • When you add a box to your Archive, it searches for a matching Wardrobe item. You'll see a menu prompting you to select an item you want to associate with the box you added. If you don't associate one, just click "Cancel". If you select one, the Wardrobe will know that it is contained in the Archive and will give you the option to unarchive it by clicking the Unarchive icon on the corresponding Wardrobe item. When you click it, the archive will offer you the box inworld.
  • You can search the contents of your Archive(s). Make sure that the Archive bar is visible and enter the search term in the "Search Archives" box and hit enter. All your rezzed Archives are searched for matching items. If the Wardrobe detects an association between a box and a Wardrobe item, that item will be displayed.
  • You can list the archives you have rezzed inworld by clicking the "List Archives" button. Clicking on a drawer name will display the contents of that drawer on your Wardrobe webpage.
  • You can filter your Wardrobe items by availability. When the Archive Bar is activated, you'll see two filter buttons, "Show items in inventory" and "Show archived items". If both options are active, all items are shown, i.e., both items contained in your inventory and in an archive. If only "Show items in inventory" is active, items contained in your inventory are shown, which can include items that are only in your inventory as well as items you archived, but kept in your inventory. Conversely, if only "Show archived items" is active, items contained in an archive are shown, regardless if they are also still present in your inventory.