Putting on an Outfit

Putting on an outfit in Wardrobe is simple. Once you have followed the instructions and prepared your inventory (see the Preparations section below), you can put on an outfit with a single click:

Click the icon on your Wardrobe web page or in the inworld closet.

When you click the icon, you will see some information chatted by the Wardrobe HUD (this is only visible to you) saying that it tries to find the outfit in your inventory. If you don't see any such information, make sure you are wearing the Wardrobe HUD of version 2 or later. If you see some cryptic messages, make sure you are using a RLV-capable viewer and have RLV turned on (see the Preparations section below).

Changing Outfits

To change an outfit, the easiest is to take the current one off before putting on the new one, as described above.

Basically, you have two possibilities to remove an outfit:

Wardrobe also provides a means to automatically take off attachments before the new outfit is worn. It takes some effort to set up, but if you're interested, read more about this in the section Automatically Removing the Previous Outfit below.


In order to be able to wear outfits directly through your Wardrobe, certain preconditions have to be met:

Also check out the Wiki (which includes excellent information on how to set up and use the RLV folder in combination with Wardrobe) and Chase Eternal's Wardrobe RLV tutorial.

If you encounter problems when you try to wear an outfit (Wardrobe strips your, but doesn't put any clothing back on), check the name of the folder in your SL inventory: RLV doesn't work when it contains certain special characters. I found that it didn't work when the name contained slashes (/, \), and the folder name also must not start with a dot (.). Such folders are invisible to RLV. The subfolders containing no-mod attachments can start with a dot, however.
Also, there is a bug in Phoenix that may in certain circumstances lead to problems when you paste items as links into your RLV folder.

Automatically Removing the Previous Outfit

You can set up your items to automatically detach clothing and attachments before the new item is worn. To do that, you'll need to define on a per-item basis what is removed before that item is put on: click the icon on the outfit, which will display the "Edit Item" dialog (shown on the right).

In the dressing tab, under "Layers to remove," tick the parts you want removed before the item is worn. In this example above, all the clothing layers, all the objects on the upper body (chest, shoulders, arms, hands, and spine) and the pelvis will be detached before the new outfit is put on. Everything worn on the skull (typically your hair) and your head as well as on your legs (including feet) will stay in place.

If you want more fine-grained control over what should be removed, click the "More..." link, and all available attachment points are shown.

Wardrobe has a feature to automatically guess what should be taken off, based on title, tags, and remarks you enter. To turn on this feature, tick the box &qout;Let Wardrobe guess" in Preferences > New Item Defaults > Layers/attachments to remove before wearing.

Please note that this is a setting that applies to newly created items, i.e., existing items won't be changed when you change this setting.

Base Outfits

The key idea of base outfits is to create shortcuts to frequently used Wardrobe items. E.g., these could be your favorite skins, hairdos, nails, jewelry—items you wear most of the time. So, base outfits are there for you to put on items quickly without having to find them in your Wardrobe first. (Note that base outfits are only useful if you use Wardrobe for dressing; if you don't want to use any base outfits, you can also hide the bar by clicking Tools > Hide Base Outfits.)

Adding an item to the base outfits bar

To put on an item from your base outfit bar, simply click it.

You can remove an item from your base outfits bar by clicking the (X) icon in the right upper corner of the item while editing is activated.

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