The Wardrobe Pose Stand

Rezzing a pose stand

You can rez a new pose stand anywhere (provided that you have rez rights) by clicking the button on the Wardrobe HUD.

When you rez a pose stand, all the copyable poses contained in the Wardrobe HUD are put in the pose stand's inventory, so you will have the same poses available as you have in your HUD, and you only need to maintain the HUD's inventory: if you add new poses to the HUD, simply rez a new pose stand, and it will contain the new poses as well.

When you receive a fresh copy of the Wardrobe, it comes with a set of poses. You can see some of them in the image to the right.

Using the pose stand

Sit on it to start posing. To switch between poses, use the arrows on the button. Clicking the stop button will unsit you.

As soon as you sit on it, the pose stand will unfold its backdrop to make it easy for you to take pictures without distracting background details — you want the focus of your picture to be on your outfits. The image below shows the pose stand with backdrop from a distance. Usually you would want the back drop to cover your entire screen.

Configuring the pose stand

You can change the backdrop's color or texture or hide it by clicking the pose stand button again. You will see the display as shown on the right above your HUD.

Click the color plate to choose a color for the backdrop. You could also adjust the color by modifying the RGB value. To do that, click the up and down arrows next to the digits of the RGB numbers.
Clicking the "Show/Hide Backdrop" hides the backdrop when it is shown and vice versa. If you hide the backdrop, the setting will be saved, and it won't be shown when you use the pose stand next time.

Clicking the "X" button at the top right of the display hides the display.

There are two buttons to switch between backdrop textures. You could select the backdrop texture more easily on your Wardrobe web page: Click Tools > Posestand Backdrops. In the dialog you can set the color of the backdrop or select an image by selecting a tag and then clicking on an image.

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