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         This may be one of the coolest things I've ever bought in SL. No more rushing around trying on hundreds of outfits to find the one I want, just nip to my wardrobe, flip through it (made easier by the fact I can select the kind of things I'm looking for) and hey presto, ready to go in like 9 minutes instead of an hour. I was skeptical at first about this, but all of my fears have been quickly put to rest. Unlike other 'inworld' gimzos like this, you don't pay 10L per picture to have each outfit stored in your inventory - all uploads to the website are free.
I LOVE this item and I don't know how I and my chaotic wardrobe survived with it. If you own more than 50 outfits, you're gonna find this a huge advantage!
Lex Doghouse
         This is one of the most creative and helpful things I have ever seen for organizing my clothing. I have already put in about 60 outfits, and still have lots more to go. But, I have already found myself wearing outfits that I never would have thought of wearing, simply because i can see what it looks like and find it easily.
This has made my Second Life so much easier and I am anxious to get more of my outifts cataloged.
Sparkly Rainbow
         When I first bought this item, I was skeptical, but once I got started adding my clothing, this has turned out to be the BEST item I have ever purchased in SLX! What used to take me a while to dress, it now takes just a minute or two based on what I feel like wearing on any given day. I have expanded this wardrobe to not only include my outfits, but my hair, boots and jewelry. Amazing!!!
Solde Rothmanay
         I have a HUGE inventory I have been organizing myself, made folders with names and started taking pics of my outfits that didnt have any to put in with the outfit which @ $10L a clip you dont realize how much that builds up. The pics are free, the system is easy (I almost didnt buy because unless something pretty much does the hard part for me, I lose interest so ease was necessary). I have saved more NOT uploading the pics than the system costs. Seriously a must have for anyone who likes to be organized. Requires a little bit of work on the front end, but its a one time deal, so no biggie. I have organized my outfits, tattoos, jewelry, shoes, boots, was considering tossing in there a buildings catagory to use for them too!
Mindy Brezoianu
         Works exactly as advertised, in fact better. If you want to be in control of your inventory this is the way.
Lulu Breuer
         I just got the CTS Wardrobe and love it. My inventory was already organized into categories, but certainly didn't give a quick overview of how the outfits actually look on me without dealing with a ton of textures. Not to mention this adds even more ways to sort clothing. While I had all my black heels in one folder, now I can add boots, or see which ones are for Viewer 2, or find a brand name. And with a click on the website (and making great use out of RLV) I instantly wear them. The basic functionality is great.
But then there's more, making it a truly slick product. The ability to show others your wardrobe (a great way to allow someone to pick out your outfit), the in-world wardrobe, the HUD and also the pose stand with poses and backdrop. I only wish I'd bought it sooner.
Tess Delwood
         I love it!! Its an awesome solution for girls with lots of outfits. I am using the new Firestorm Viewer (prealpha!) Just wear an outfit from your outfitfolder - move it via inventory folder Outfits to #RLV. (preferences, RLV on) Take it off and wear it again (so it can find the attachment points) in that #RLV folder. Hud on, pic as email, same name like the outfitfolder, some tags - thats it. Works like a charme :)
Marlen Slazar
         First I must say that the maker of this item is great and pointed out a big detail to me, very helpful 8) This item is a great purchase. It will take some time setting up the folders and labeling but once it is done, well worth the effort! Highly recomend this item!!!
Candy Tryce
         Now that I have it, i cannot live without it. The customer support is top notch. I had troubles at first cause even though i am a business owner and builder, i am instructions dumb (that's my issue not theirs) LOL However, the staff helped me and made sure I got my product working. I used to dread changing my clothes, now I want to change them and it's fun to change them and I look forward to buying new things that I no longer have to dump into an endless black hole of a "clothing" folder. 100 stars for this product and thank you.
Zhoie Zimermann
         The creator of this product cannot be praised enough, as far as i'm concerned. This worked from the moment I pulled it out of the box, and I am sure I will never have the HUD off. I have so many items, and it is sometimes quite difficult to find an outfit, by search term alone. I have merely been relying on a photographic memory to find my clothes, which makes me partial to a few. Now I can wear so many different options,and create custom ones much quicker. Thank you.
Jayne Dartmouth
         I just got this and put just a few outfits in, and even after just a few, I think this might be my BEST SL investment ever. It's going to take a while to go through 5 years of clothing, but wow, it's worth it! Having to make the outfits RLV compatible is adding some time, but once it's done, I'll know what my wardrobe looks like. Right now I tend to stick to favorites. Who knows wht elses is lurking in my inventory. I LOVE this closet!
Sandy Schnook
         I love my wardrobe!!!! You don't have to set out the closet; so if you don't have the prims to spare, you can still use the wardrobe easily. I love the way I can personalize it by adding my own poses and backgrounds as simply as just dragging them from my inventory to the contents. I love how I can show my friends my wardrobe if I choose to.
Aimy Rayna
         Get it you will love it! Does all it says. You just have to take the pictures of your outfits and provide keywords to them and believe me once you get that done you will be many times over happy you did!
SamP Cerise
         This has been the single best SL investment ever. It's saved me untold lindens in forgotten outfits, hair, skins, jewelry, avatars, costumes, full ensembles, and the use couldn't be easier. I've uploaded over 1000 images so far, and finding something specific couldn't be easier!! Makes planning roleplay, nights out, special looks a cinch. Kudos to the creator - everyone I've mentioned it to has bought it and they love it as well!! THANK YOU.
Evora Laurent
         Fantastic and a real godsend for my massive inventory - whilst setting up I discovered things I don't even remember buying (my av shops without me I'm sure). Fantastic customer service too from this talented creator. Very highly recommended.
Rosie Lavochkin
         Brilliant design, and very easy to use! Many thanks!!
Trixie Fairlock
         This is the best think i ever! bought in sl. its a bit of work to get all your stuff in there but you can realy put anything in it, clothing, skins. shapes, shoes, accesorys you name it. So for everyone who has a lot of those things BUY IT! now
esje28 Rhiadra
         Purchased this today and i'm HOOKED! Fun to fill and very easy to use, change complete outfits (including hair and shoes) in one click, and see them first in full colour pictures. In short ........... LOVE IT!!!
Sunny Alderton
         Good & professional customer support, great item, & a good price too L$699. But it's worth more. I'm really happy with it & use it every day. Works flawlessly & fast. Just click the refresh button & your item is already there. Perfect for visually finding anything, not only clothes. Yes it takes some time to take the pics, but at least they are free!
MiaSnow Myriam
         So easy and fast
Sileny Noel
         I should have bought this much, much earlier....this is so awesome, I recommend it to anyone who is looking for a wardrobe system, and if you follow Marlen Slazar's tip, placing your outfits in it is a breeze! Thank you, Carlyle for this great product!
Ming Yheng
         I just got it and only stuck one outfit pic in it so far but I am in love with this very handy item! Yes, it will take time to get everything cataloged, but it is so worth it! I will be recommending it to everyone I run into! Thank you for the great work and a most useful item in SL!
Kali Panthar
         I love this gadget. It does take some time to set up if you already have loads of clothes you want to put in, but it is such a lot of fun to do, a great excuse to go through your wardrobe and very much worth it. I set mine up to have different variations on styles (if the items are copiable) and it ends up being so easy to just click a few buttons and instantly have the outfit, hairstyle, skins, shoes with matching skin tones, all put on in one go. (If you set it up like that, which I do!) A great idea, I love it. Any errors which occur using the wardrobe are usually my fault, e.g. not naming things uniquely enough, or not exactly matching the containing folder name in my inventory, and really simple to sort out. I've also found it perfectly safe to use, and only use RLV for this feature, no problems at all.
lizzie Bourgoin
         I love my wardrobe and I'm telling all my friends about it! The most helpful item I have bought!
Raya Darkthorn
         Loooovveeeeee thissss! A lil weird to figure out at first but it's actually pretty simple. Just A LOT of work to actually get everything uploaded if you have an inventory like mine lol
Lyric Lysette
         The price is half of what the others are, and I own one of those and ditched it for this one because its better. I am getting them for my alt, and I show it off to all my friends and they have all been getting them, they all love it too. And if you use the rlv share folder it lowers your items to 1 per outfit, so for those looking to organize and minimize their outfits and accessories this is the best buy I have found and I have went through a few of them. :P
         When i saw it, I coudnt believe it: THE WARDROBE. Tons of clothes, socks, i never find what i seek, and NOW, thanks to this people that made WARDROBE, my life is so much pretty.
Functional, easy, unexpensive, quick, lag-less, simple, cute, what else? ah yes, my Master loves to dress me up, so woot new toy. THANKS GUYS
barbie Winslet
         Love this thank you so much :)
         I AM A MAN NOT FASHION HIP, so when u get help picking out an outfit i save it in my wardrobe which also saves everything you are wearing huds,facelights etc, others can also see what is in your wardrobe so when they pick out what you should wear all you have to do is click wear and bam its on in a flash.Dont have to pay for the picture you take with outfit on just email it to proper address and it shows up in your wardrobe, very cool option tool to have at your finger tips Women love it so they can choose what outfit they want there man to wear by visually seeing it.
Billy40 Trill
         [...] This is, pretty much, the only system you could want for organising things, but its important to note, you WILL need to organise things. [...]
         I am totally addicted ! My man and I gave each other the link and now we can dress the other whenever we feel like it. great great product easy to use
Kahlan Bingyi
         just what i have been missing in my life. i love it!!!!
Karissa Furse
         awesome customer service!
Gina Cobalt
         I was excited to find this product as I always forget what my outfits look like and end up wearing only a couple leaving so many collecting dust. At first I met disappointment, but only because I couldn't figure things out. I get confused easily :) but I dropped Carlyle Theas a note card and that very night I got a response and wonderful patient help!!! My problem was solved and now all that's left is for me to play dress up and add my inventory. Thank you so much Clarlyle.
         I must say I am really impressed with this product - it does just what it says it does. I feel I have barely touched upon what it can do - and it might even make a bit of a photographer out of me - the greatest weakness so far is that the screenshots could be prettier. But it DOES take a fairly big chink of time if you are to use this fully, so I recommend it for mainly neatniks and fahion victims.
Cidri Katz
         super recommended, it was my salvation!
Noelita Foxdale
         You will become addicted to this product ... it's even better than you think it will be. There are so many different ways to use it I can't think of where to start. Buy it! You'll love it! Buy it for your friends! Make sure you read the documentation that comes with it and visit their web site. RTFM will save you some frustration. Oh, and in my case, the HUD first appeared half off the screen and I thought that was all there was to it until using SL on a different computer. The only ... there is no bad part ... trying to decide exactly how to use all the features is the only ... time-eater ... like ... deciding on how to make and use your tags but you'll have so much fun with this "learning curve" you wont' care.
         Easy to set up and use, the web tutorial explains everything and the online inventory system is perfect for helping me organise existing items and purge old ones I don't wear any more. I am also cataloguing skins, make-up looks and props as it's so easy to use.
Jasmine Ballinger
         This is beyond any doubt the most useful item i have ever purchased in the 5 and half years i've been in SL. This really is one of the most amazing pieces of scripting/ web-site integration that you will ever come across. It starts with a HUD that rezzes your own personal and portable photobooth, you snap photos of your outfit. You email them to the host web site direct from inside Sl, tag them with your own personal filing tags, then pop over to your own personal web site where you can sort your clothing and outfit collection in hundreds of different ways. with an RLV enabled viewer, you can then wear the outfit in a single click. WOW! .. this is worth every penny, Carly is a friendly and responsive developer, nearly every thign i coudl think of was already implemented .. Get one !!
Sally LaSalle
         this is hands down the best thing i have ever bought. easy to set up, easy to use. A+
Gwendolyn Beverly
         I think this is the best purchase I've made in almost 4 years in SL. Fabulous!!!
Gabby Cooperstone
         well worth it..a total must have if you have more than just a few outfits
Xanthous Deceit
         I have been using mine for about a half year now and I can not imagine not having it. Best Lindens ever spent on an organizer.
Taliferrue Cathaldus
         I think I have had the wardrobe for about a year and half now. Has it collected dust in my inventory? HELL NO! Would i buy this again? IN A NEW YORK HEART BEAT! I Love my wardrobe. Sure it is a process, and your search is only as good as you tag your crap with. But i have tagged with a vengeance! I totally forgot to review this gem until today, when i was in IM with a friend and was like.. "yeah just use your wardrobe".. they were like what?... I of course quickly brought up the url to the mp ad and sent the link. Did you say pink jacket?... oh wait.. lemmie do a quick search and see which one i want to wear.. tee hee.. oh that one is perfect.. press some buttons.. and sha zam i have pink jacket on!!! May all that is good and lovely in the world smile down on Carlyle the creator!!!!
Devious Noyes
         Words cannot describe how amazing this is! Works great, fairly simple to figure out. My only wish is that the SL viewer had RLV on it so I wouldn't have to d/l a different viewer to be able to get dressed straight from the website but hey, I'm not complaining. I finally have my inventory organized, I know what I own and I don't have to waste hours digging thru my inventory for an outfit or piece of jewelry. You guys rock!
Veronica Dubienski
         This is simply the best L$699 I have ever spent on SecondLife. My outfits were getting out of control... I own over 50 different hairs alone, not to mention the rest of my wardrobe. This is BY FAR the easiest way to have everything I own organized and readily available for me to look at. No more trying to remember which outfit looked like what, now I have nice photos to look at instead. This product was suggested to me and I would HIGHLY recommend this product to anyone that is looking to make changing clothes, hair, etc. a lot easier on themselves.
Nichole Beerbaum
         This is the best thing since sliced bread! I had TONS of outfits and I took the time (3 days) to sort through them all and take pics. I HIGHLY suggest that new people to SL get this before they get too many outfits/hairs and what not! It is well worth the money! I don't use in the the viewer to see my clothes and it just takes too long for me (I'm sure internet issues) so it's easier to have it load up the web. I would recommend having it open your wardrobe in your web browser and not in SL's web browser. I find it's much easier that way! Thank you Carlyle!! I'd give it 10+ stars if I could.
         One of the best items I've bought in five and a half years in SL - a simple idea, well-presented, quick and easy to set up and intuitive to use. I've been in SL for around five and a half years, and I wish there'd been something like this available when I first signed up!
Nuala Foxchase
         Great item and really kinda fun! Be sure you have the compatible viewers for RLV and you are ready to go. Easy instructions plus awesome customer support!
Lahteedah Kabuki
         Bought this this morning, just love it!!!. Only had it a couple of hours and amazed at how versatile it is, so impressed that I have bought one for my partner bodyguard13 who is a clothes fanatic and this will be sooo useful for her and give us more time together lol. Like anything this good at organising and displaying outfits etc, it will take a while to get familiar with so dont be put off with the complexity of it. Every part of it is important. The personal web page is an incredible feature. As usual with purchases from C.T.S. it is excellent!!! These guys really know what they are doing and it SHOWS!!!
         I have a very extensive inventory from years of sl shopping! In a couple of minutes I am already able to see how this is helping to unclutter my inventory! The setup and instructions are very easy to follow , especially if you are a visual learner like myself!!!! I recommend this to anyone who needs help with a huge wardrobe!
Starfire Aries
         Its some work but well worth it. Once you get going and just do each outfit as you make it, its no problem. fun part is others can control all or part of your wardrobe.
angel Kingmaker
         First of all i was angry ... yes, really angry .. that this product was not available a few years ago. I am in this world now for about 4 years, and yes ... this is the *very best* product i ever bought! Easy to use (i dont need the closet i only use the webinterface) ... so many ways to tag your clothings (nearly 1000 different sets), and using a rlv-enabled viewer its just one click and you are wearing the clothes matching the situation. i am speechless! and by the way ... the price is just ridiculous, if i did knew how sophisticated this product is, i would have payed even ten times more ... its worth every linden. *laughs* i once bought a dressed the second time because i forgot i own it already ... that was way more than 699$! ... great job, thanks!
Annika Heberle
         Could not live without this..... Thank you =)
         Minutes after purchase and reading some of the documentation and pushing some buttons, I just finished uploading my first outfit and was pleased at how simple it was, and ecstatic that it's Mac friendly too. I was hesitant to purchase at first because I didn't know if it would work for me.
It's both PC and Mac Friendly. Time to get busy filing my wardrobe up. Thank you.
Trinity Mint
         I had wanted to get some kind of inventory manager but was put off by the price and my worry that I wouldn't be able to use one. I got this and the instructions were very easy, even for a computer idiot like me!! You don't haft do hardly anything to get your clothes and even skin, hair eyes,shape combos organized. you get your own web page! In your use name and it is zoo cool. U take snapshots of your favorite outfits and combinations, then click send, and it appears in your webpage! it is soo easy. you can dress and undress from your webpage, you can see all your outfits and base clothes all at once so you can see what looks good together.definitely worth it. and it's fun to do too!!
         So basically this is how it works: buy the wardrobe, wear the HUD, and start shooting items and outfits in-world. From the camera interface, it's one click to email each shot to your unique wardrobe page. Images appear instantly, perfectly tagged with whatever tagging system you use.
Tip: If you want to create top-level categories, you can use * to push those items to the top of the alphabetical index of your items: *shoes, *skin, *clothing, etc. Ace!
Ava Rage
         At first, I thought... "I just threw away 699L." But, once you get to know the system, it's amazing. I had to learn to add clothing instead of replacing, and it took some time and help to figure out how to correctly use mesh in combination with the wardrobe, but now that I know all that... wow! I'm wearing clothes, hair and so on I haven't worn in ages, simply because I had no idea I had it, buried somewhere in my inventory. This is the best solution for inventory clutter! Besides that, I do some modeling work, and it is so handy to just let photographers browse through my wardrobe instead of showing all my outfits by hand. I love it!
Voice Restless
         I love it! ♥ It's Amazing! Really easy :3
Shez Khaos
         This is just so cool, easy to use and keeps stuff organised and easy to change in and out of, I love it!
Kath Quintessa
         I'm so thankful this was being discussed in a group's chat one night. It sounded like an interesting idea and I'm totally obsessed with it now. :) I love love love that getting dressed isn't a guessing game anymore. It seems like vendors aren't providing pics with clothing as often anymore, so this fixes that. It took a bit to learn the .bak system, but after I did it's not a big deal. This is also a great way to clean up your inventory once you have entered all of your more recent items. I totally recommed this if you like to be organized and especially if you're tired of trying to find things. The search function is so much better since I now have pictures! Thank you for this!
Breana McDonnell
         Having read some blog reviews on it I decided to purchase it, and I am -so- happy I did! The instructions were straight forward and I had a couple of outfits uploaded really quickly. Haven't run into any issues yet and have uploaded outfits with mesh in them etc and they work just as fine as the rest. I have such a large inventory and always forget what a certain top looked like, so I wear only the most recent stuff I remember. No more excuses for that! Now I can see all my outfits visually and makes my SL so much easier. Thank you for this wonderful product!
Ophelia Dayafter
         This is the best idea ever, i was just saying to my friend i wish there was a hair viewer and now i have oneee! so many things to put in and i RP a child and my sl mum can dress me for bed. I was also expecting to pay a montly fee but nope this is a bargin and a brilliant online viewer for your items
         I like that I don't have to pay for uploads, even to see my outfits inworld. And the posestand - pretty damn handy with a good range of poses. I am recommending this to all my friends.
Darla Watanabe
         OMG, I love this HUD!!!! I tell all my friends about it!!!
Kloe Soulstar
         This is one of the most useful things I have ever purchased in Second Life. I have a massive inventory, and I am always forgetting what I have stashed away. Although it will take me quite a while to photo and catalog everything that is already there, I know it will be well worth the time and effort in the end. I will definitely be adding newly purchased products to my visual organizer immediately. Thank you for making such a fantastic tool!
Lashae Karsin
         Easy to use, fantastic price, and so useful! Thanks so much for creating an amazing product!
Venom Zanzibar
         Simple, easy, helpful,a must have. I will review it in spanish as some people dont speak english :). Es simpre, facil y util. Simplemente tomas la foto del vestuario, lo subes via email (no hay que pagar) y directamente te aparece en la web lo que has subido, ademas de ver el vestuario también hay busqueda a traves de los "tags" o descripciones que hagas de cada conjunto! Thank you for this great product, Gracias por este excelente producto!
maffy Zwilling
         Ok...I know this I am probably all alone in this, but I am a SHOPOHOLIC in SL...lol. I love clothes. My account is 8 years old and was filled with SO much stuff stuck here and there and everywhere else. I just can't remember what each outfit looks like, and have so many amazing things in my inventory, I miss most of them due to not remembering what I have. I have attempted many organization systems on my own, only to give up because it was just not actually "helping" me. I won't lie, it IS time consuming to get this set up properly with your things in it. But it is well worth it. It has been a lot of fun just going through everything and seeing what I actually have. I am still not completely done getting everything in it, and I have gone back and redone some categories I wasn't happy with the first time I did them, but I am pretty particular about wanting it to be precise. (read OCD). If you have any questions the "help" page is very informative and I haven't had any questions that I couldn't get answered by going and reading the info posted on Carlyle's help page. If you don't mind putting in some effort on the front end, you will LOVE this system once you have it up and going. (Now I need one for home furnishings to have a visual inventory list of the huge pile of that stuff I have accumulated over the years lol)
Julia Hailey
         This is a must have accessory for anyone that loves to shop! It is easy to use, just read the website or get in the group with any issues. I don't know how I made it through SL without this in my life!
Tella Twine
         A friend recommended this because I have SO many outfits and never knew what to wear until I clicked on the folder! Well, this is THE item to have to help organize one's outfits! It's SO easy to use and I can FINALLY pick an outfit by sorting through the pictures and categories! YAY! Thank you! LOVE it!
         Creator communicates very well with her customers to make sure they are pleased. The closet is something that is unique and different, and a will cool approach to dressing yourself or letting someone else dress you while on secondlife. It's great for organizing as well of course which is the main reason we are buying this. The only thing I'd complain about is that it's just a little tad more complicated than how it sounds on paper, but none the less, just about any noob can work it after reading instructions. Again, 5 stars, and thank you for creating this, I will be shopping here again for sure sometime.
Scooby Mode
         I took months to make up my mind to buy this, and I am kicking myself for not buying the day it was issued - how I have lived my second life without it, goodness knows. After struggling for about 15 mins to get my head round it, I realised it was simplicity itself to operate. I have found dragging and dropping textures into the hud the simplest way to add things, and for any items without textures, I have been having mammoth photo sessions - if you set up the background scene and use the same pose, you can whizz through a surprising number of items within a very short time. It might seem like a huge job putting your inventory in it, and it is, but it is not as bad as you might think, once you get in the swing of it. I am already using hairstyles and clothes that I had completely forgotten I had - and also deleted a load of junk that upon trying on I realised I would never wear. Honestly, don't think twice, just buy it, it is so worth the lindens.
         I'm loving this thing it was recommended and it strips and dresses u within 5secs which is fast
Sexy Jinn
         I totally love this wardrobe! I choose not to use the RLV part (I rather just dress myself from the saved outfits), but I use it to browse my outfits visually. It's an amazing help when I'm deciding what to wear. It can be hard when you just have folders of named outfits with no pictures and you have a lot, you don't always remember what's what. It's the closest thing in SL to actually being able to walk into your closet and pick out your outfit. Plus I can share the link with other people if I want to get their thoughts on an outfit.
         I just have to say first that the customer service was amazing. I was making such a stupid mistake, and the creator was patient and helped me get this up and running in no time! I was very impressed. The system itself is very simple and very customizable. Use it however you like! Lots of great features have made organizing and cataloging my massive inventory a breeze!
Chastity Mimiteh
         I hesitated to buy this because the item notes do not include prim count or whether the actual closet skins are changeable in anyway. What's the point of a functional closet if it's ugly as sin and too big for my prim budget? Land impact of 6 with three colors to choose from make this worth it. I have ten of thousands of items in my inventory and don't want to leave them anywhere, so a lot of the other "organizing" solutions simply weren't for me. This is an automated system. Once you send your picture (easier than it sounds), your online wardrobe will be updated right away with tags and all. It's a great system and for queens of dress up, a must have.
         Love it love it love it....easy to use helps me to organize my inventory it was a mess got this and I can find it all....just wish I didnt wait so long to purchase it but glad I have it now ...keep up the great work oh and loved the free gifts <3 if I could give 20 stars I would thank you so much :)"One happy customers"
Aiyana Lanley
         I like this item better than use inventory. Thanks!
         It was easy to set up and use. I change looks often and this helps throw together a look and just go. I love it.
Dystopia Dagger
         I love my Wardrobe, so nice. Easy to Change your dress
George Polgase
         Everyone should have that. Easily to use but sorting your clothes into it will take time of course so be sure to have that in mind during your thoughts about buying it. If you can spend the time for it you really should get it.
Raven Macchi
         Well, well, well.... After being in SL for some many years (around 6 I guess) this is by far the best item I have ever bought. It took quite some time to add every piece of clothes and my hair, but it is definitly worth it. I am so totally in love with this wardrobe, I honestly ask myself how I was able to live my second life without it. *laughs* As said, the adding takes some time, but if you got the hang of it, use a lot of copy and paste and don' t get bored looking at your clothes, it won't take you as much time as you would think. The manuals that come with the wardrobe are well written and easy to understand. The support by the owner is very good and she responds fast. The support group is awesome. Questions are answered as fast as you asked them. The website is easy to handle as well. All in all a wonderful item you definitly should buy. Thanks to Carly for creating this!
Frances Capelo
         I can not believe this has existed for so long and I did not get it...I've been around since 2007 and as a former model (which I owned every outfit to an extremely popular store AND a skin model) after which I went into content creation myself....I've been an adult..a neko...a tiny tot....my inventory is bulging with so much stuff it's crazy. It will take forever...there is no doubt...but I'm throwing junk out and organizing...which will result in a happier SL I hope! Thank you.
Rhiamon Nitely
         This closet is amazing. It cuts the time to dress down to almost nothing once you get things set up. Save what your wearing as an outfit, label it, drop it into your RLV folder, snap a pic, add tags if you want, doesn't cost a thing, click the preferences on your closet webpage, choose add to or replace what your already wearing and your pretty much done. You can also set a password so not just anyone can change your clothes if they happen to get your link. All in all, this little beauty is awesome, worth the price and super easy to use. Also, this is way better than letting people fumble through RLV settings on your collar and you end up wearing or not wearing god knows what. lol This is genius.
Taiah Sommer
         No matter what I think of ... there's no way to make this even better than it already is!
         I agree with the reviewer below, this product goes above and beyond what you could expect it to do from the listed description. You need a little setup time to organise your outfits but the returns are enormous, especially combined with Dahlia's helper. The web interface works great, has a lot of advanced options, and offers a lot of control over your outfits from a easy to use interface.
         Like the title says, absolutely amazing! Usually I use a product for a few days and find myself saying "I wish it would do this..." Not the case here, Carlyle has truly thought of everything. Originally I just planned to use this as a basic organizer, had no interest in the RLV side of things but after giving it a try I'm hooked and I'm having so much fun getting everything set up. Hands down one of the best SL products I've ever purchased. Customer service is awesome as well! Thanks so much!
Tracy Scofield
         Oh I have always found dressing to be a real pain in the butt, so usually wear the same thing for weeks. But now not only do I know what I have in my wardrobe I can always get it to dress me. I am over the moon and for years I have been looking for something like this 7 years to be exact. I am so happy this wardrobe is so well made it does everything an more. Do not hesitate thise is a MUST have for anyone. Gosh I may even drag out my tiny stuff too. Thank you so much
         Thank you so much Carlyle sweety, for creating this, it's the best thing in second life! :') best purchase ever!
Candice Mendle
         This is one of my favorite items here in SL. Takes a bit to setup, but once you get the hang of it, adding new outfits are a breeze!
Keen Coledale
         Ookini san dosu! (Thank you very much!) If there were more stars, I would give them ^^ I purchased this item recently to store all of my kimono and accessories. As an apprentice Geiko, I have amassed an extensive collection despite being so young (in SL time ^^). At first, I did have some difficulty with loading images. I sent off an IM asking for assistance and went back to exploring the wardrobe interface. After selecting a different view--the 'Recent Items option--my problem was solved. After fixing the errors (extra pictures of the same outfit), I went to the website and downloaded all relevant information to print for later reading. Thank you again for this amazing device. I'm going to recommend it to my Okiya sisters.
         It took me some time for me to get started and organize my items and learn how to use subfolders, but once i got it It was a breeze. 700 is cheap for what this baby does for me.
         I cannot say enough, one of the best purchases I have made! Having a VERY large inventroy, this was exactly what I needed. No more digging for the perfect outfit and so easy to mix and match. To be honest, like anything worth using, it takes a bit to set up, but once done, sooooo worth it! Carlyle is an absolute doll too! I had issues and sent a note card and she was very prompt in responding and helpful! Not one regret in purchasing this. After buyiny this, just out of curiosity, I looked at other closets and wardrobes and all I can say is, nty, this one has it all!
         The Maker great answer all my questions even before the product was bought love it love it best buy ever
Ellen Writer
         Usually I hate gadgety things (and I never ever write reviews!) but this... this I love. It is fab, and simple to use, and I'm nagging all my friends to get one! Buy it!!! You know you want to...
Mab Chau
         Got this for two avis now. Its my only way to keep track of all my outfits so i actually know what i got and what to wear at any given time. At around 20 outfits i start having trouble to remember from just a line of text. With the pictures in this wardrobe i just need one glance on the webpage to know what to wear. Brilliant system that fits exactly my needs - easy to use too.
         There's a lot of work to get this started, especially if you have a lot of clothes, but it is well worth it. It works quickly and without issues and makes life easier in the long run. I love being able to see everything and choose an outfit by looks rather than a cryptic description. Thank you!
         I would have gladly paid so much more for this wardrobe ... the possibilities are endless in 'filing' items and being able to see what you're choosing to wear. The ability to add hair, nail, jewelry, etc is a great feature. One click and you're dressed !! OMG !!! There's also no need to name your outfits something 'weird' so you can remember what it is ... this is REALLY AMAZING !!!!!!!!!!!
         I'm a visual person with a massive inventory, two things that don't go together well. I've tried other systems to tame it, but I was always ultimately foiled by the fact that I couldn't easily see and tag what was there. Searching for an item took forever and I always felt frustrated by the end.The Wardrobe has completely changed that. Now, with a bit of work, I'm finally able to see what's in my inventory, search for items by what they are or their color, and find exactly what I need every time. The process of putting everything in takes a while if you have a larger inventory like mine, but I've enjoyed the process and watching the number of pictures grow. I feel encouraged to keep it neat and well-labeled because it makes such a difference. This has pretty much changed my SLife, and I'm incredibly thankful for it.
Arwyn Quandry
         I've had this little beauty for about 15 minutes, and not only am I already in love with it, it only took me 5 of those minutes to become an expert! It's easy to use, the instructions are clear and concise, and it's all just click, click, click. Love, love, LOVE IT!
Elizabeth Durnan
         I love this, took next to no time to work it out and I have my dis-organised inventory well on the way to being organised. So easy to use with clear and concise instructions which make it a pleasure to play with. One of my best ever purchases!
Talla Irelund
         I had a Idea for a Wardrobe back in 07 and 08 but RL called me away and never got it done. So when I came back to SL totally went on a HUNT to see if there was one out there already. And there was some out there. I did My research and decided this was the Best!!! I totally new it was the BEST that i didn't even try it out before purchasing one for My SL Sister!!! RL started getting busy along with SL business that i didn't get to pull it out and use it right away. Then RL called me away from SL for a few months. Came back had some time on my hands I decided to get My Wardrobe together and pulled it out and got started. I did have some questions starting out. Which everyone in the Group was totally there to help me. it was great to see soooooo much activity in group and so many ppl helping others. Within the 1st day i had a mix of 50 outfits and single pieces. Going through my inventory and finding pieces that I totally love but had forgot about or couldn't find, it was such a wonderful feeling knowing that I was in good hands now with the "Wardrobe" and the Support group to pull every thing together. Figured out some AMAZING features on my own that i'm so happy with. Like being able to send a special link to my Sis to look in my wardrobe and help me pick out things to wear no matter if she Inworld or not. Also being able to give her permissions to dress me and much more. No need for the Cabinet Inworld but it is there. Changing for costume parties in like 5 seconds or less AMAZING!!! Totally set up each outfit as you get it and you will think you are in Heaven ! <3 ! <3 ! Tonight I will be adding My Jewelry pieces that I don't wear because has been so hard to see what is what as just a object in my inventory! The Only Down side that I see is that My SL Wallet will be getting pretty darn skinny due to the L$ disappearing form all the shopping i will be doing now that I know everything will totally be getting used unlike before. hehehehehe In L-O-V-E!
         If you don't have this then YOU NEED IT! I Swear its my new Fave Organizer EVER! Saves me so much time putting my clothes together without having to guess what is what. Most of my clothes I totally forgot about and this makes my life so much Easier! If I could give it more stars I Totally would. Great price for such an amazing product and the people in the support group are the best people I have ever met. Everyone is so caring and helpful when you need help.
         I still have no clue if I will be able to get dressed from this Wardrobe (I bought it hours ago), but I don't care! Being able to quickly check how many blue, or red, or whatever items I have with only a click makes it worth it! I think I will spend a whole century just adding pictures and tags, but it's totally worth it!!! I am very organized and my inventory is obsessively organized in folders and subfolders. Still, I can't possibly remember everything in there and -without the wardrobe- I have to check inside each folder to remember what was in there. Some things don't come with a picture and are named something like "Mists of time", so there's no way of knowing by the name. This is it! If you add good tags, your [second] life becomes easier! Worth every L$!
         Seriously this has some amazing functions most of which I don't really use. But in terms of being able to organize my clothes I couldn't do without it. Like if I go into a store, I see a nice pair of shoes at the click of a button I can check to see if I have a similar pair or better still weather or not I've got clothes to go with those shoes or whatever, thus avoiding having to buy the fat pack. I have never regretted owning this fantastic product.
         I bought this over a year ago and never had the chance to try it out. The other day I saw it while trying to organize my oh-so-messy inventory and decided to finally try it. The instructions were a little confusing but I think they were for an older version. Still, it was easy to set up and learn very quickly. After playing with it for a while I thought it's a good product, but I know what my outfits look like and I didn't think it would be very useful for me. Today I realized just how wrong I was. See, I recently bought a new skin with 10 different makeup options. Unfortunately it didn't come with a picture or texture so I could see which one was which. Sure, I could take pictures of them but I'd still have to view them one at a time. That might be faster than trying them on, but not any more helpful. With the wardrobe I can take close up pictures of my face wearing each skin and have them all in one place (I prefer the web site) for side by side viewing! Now I'll be able to easily tell which skin I want to wear with any particular outfit. Next I'm going to do the same with my nail polish colors. Eventually I'll get around to putting my clothes in, but even for just my makeup and polish it's perfect! I would absolutely recommend this product to anyone who has a need like mine. It's totally worth the price.
         This is not only a nifty solution to inventory confusion. This should be implemented in SL itself. It is incredibly useful and very very well thought out and made. I use it to keep track of my outfits. But i also use it to keep track of everything else in my inventory. Seriously - at this price everybody should be able to afford it. Considering that mesh bodies and skins costs thousands of lindens it's amazing this is below ll 1000.
Manon Seid
         Only just started and already i can see just how incredibly useful this will be! i really should have gotten one of these much sooner! thanks for such a great product :)
Elaine Ferryhill
         The best wardrobe I have seen. Just getting started organizing and already don't know how I got along without this.
Irkalla Caudron
         Takes a little time to set up, but not too long. If you already have your inventory arranged in Outfits, it's as easy as wearing each one, taking a snapshot, emailing it, adding your title and tags (the title MUST be the name of the folder you want to save), then moving the outfit folder into the #RLV folder, Done! Easier than setting something for sale on SL Marketplace. Once you've set all your older outfits up, it is really easy to add new ones as you buy and wear them. I would suggest not putting too many tags on each outfit to start with, you can always add more afterwards on your Wardrobe web page. Remember, once loaded into your wardrobe, you can see a picture of it and so don't need too many tags. I have hundreds of outfits already arranged in my inventory, yet in one day I have over 2/3 of them already in the wardrobe. I just wish my viewer allowed me to COPY outfit folders into #RLV so that I can keep my original outfits folder tree intact, but that's not the fault of the product, just a strange quirk of SL inventory. The various search functions make it easy to find your stuff. I have briefly tried the inworld closets and found they work fine for showing friends your outfits without having to wear them. I'd also suggest adding a password to your wardrobe page, you can never be too cautious. It's as simple as going to your preferences on your wardrobe page and finding the "Password" setting. One of the most useful purchases I have made for years. Oh, and the free introductory gifts are really good, from some of the best designers in SL and are not "freebies" (at least, not low quality freebie stuff), they are quality items. The stores that provide them are well worth a look around.
Synclair Lavendel
         Truly, I have been using this for years. It was the best gift I ever received from my husband. The wardrobe allows you to see your outfits and clothing easily on a website or in-world. Dressing is simple with just a click of the mouse. It even allows someone else to dress you if you authorize them to do. You may stumble a bit with the initial setup, but that is normal and you will quickly find your way about. I have tried just about every wardrobe, and organizer in SL. This is by far the least expensive and the BEST I have ever found. I can't say enough about it. You will not be disappointed.
Jessie Quinote
         This is one of the best purchases I ever have made in SL, I forgot to use it recently like an idiot and reviewing it has reminded me of it! So I will go get all my new stuff added!
Crystal Tachor
         I had the messiest inventory ever, was even re-buying outfits because I couldn't find them. This is the best solution out there. There is a little learning curve, but if you read the note cards its easier. I didn't need customer support but I understand from others that it's available. Once you get it figured out all you have to do is decide which outfit you wanna wear it's just like going thru your closet in real life!!!!
         Finally something i can put my outfits in ugh ty very much for the wardrobe
         I have been here since 2006 and I am so mad! Why didn't I have this years ago? This is THE best thing ever made IMO. It's going to take me weeks, months, to go through things and get them all sorted and entered but O M G! I was amazed that even I could figure it out! I do not usually hug strangers, but I would give a big hug to the manufacturer of this. I ABSOLUTELY love it and am going to passing on to everyone I know how much they need this too! And it can be done how YOU want it done. It readily adjusts to YOUR needs. I am still amazed (Can you tell? LOL) So TY TY TY for bringing this into my SL life!
Caemlyn Witherspoon
         This is sooo easy to use. The wardrobe itself is good looking. The set up is just no problem at all It just works Perfectly.
         This is the best thing to happen to my wardrobe EVER!
         OMG, this is brilliant! Just got it a little awhile ago & learning how to use it! I love this idea cuz it's so helpful to see what it looks like before wearing it. Some outfits don't come with the picture & even though we have the outfits feature & name them something which we can hopefully remember them by....over time you forget as your inventory grows! This is awesome because you can take a picture, you can change poses & backgrounds too!
         I was having technical difficulties, and Carlyle imed me with in 24 hours. walked me step by step and was very patient with me. turned out to be nothing other than I was using wrong link. I am so thankful. The wardrobe is amazing and very user friendly full five stars and more if I could.
         In my first impression I was sad because apparently the fact you have to drag the clothes to rlv folder and give the same name to the outfit on the wardrobe, couldn't let me use as I wanted. Then, Carlyle sent me a note with explanations to make it in a different way. Its totally working! The wardrobe is a must have, great to organize your outfits, and the rlv thing works fine if you put the outfits link saved and the respectives clothes on rlv folder. Simply awesome. If I could, I want put 10 stars! And 10 for Carlyle too. Buy it with no fear.
Mayumi Catnap
         The best thing that ever hit SL. love it and would be lost without it. i gift it to friends and family all the time and they all love it.
Ashlynn Shinn
redrose Roff
         I don't know how I ever made it without this. The wardrobe has definitely made life easier!! My advice though is as soon as you get it join the Wardrobe support group. Great people with great tips on getting started. Don't think twice get this now!
Kalani Toros
         So glad I stumbled upon wardrobe organize, finally able to get outfits all in one place and see what I have. TYM Carlyle for truly awesome product.

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