Frequently Asked Questions

Q: The "Recent Items" line is gone. Can you help me?

A: "Recent Items" is now accessible from the Search at the top right. You now have greater flexibility to search by date. Click on the clock icon to pick the start and end dates in the date range picker or enter a textual date range (e.g., "today", "yesterday", "last week", "2 months ago", etc.). Hover on the search box for more info.

Q: Why doesn't the Wardrobe web page run on HTTPS by default?

A: You can run your Wardrobe web page on HTTPS (by replacing the "http://" in your browser by "https://"). However, there is one big "but": the communication with the HUD won't work. This is due to the fact that if the page uses HTTPS, all connections made from the page need to be HTTPS as well. While there is a way to start a secure inworld server from the HUD, unfortunately LL doesn't have valid certificates for the secure servers, which effectively renders them useless (you'd have to add an exception to accept the certificate in your browser).
In summary: if you are using Wardrobe only for cataloguing your inventory, it is totally fine to switch to HTTPS. If you want the interaction with your HUD, you'll need to stick with HTTP for now.

Q: I keep getting Stack Heap Collision errors in the AutoStrip script. Is there anything I can do?

A: AutoStrip is a Wardrobe feature that, when turned on, removes all items contained in a folder as soon as a single item in that folder is removed. Note that you'll need to activate it per item (edit item > Dressing > AutoStrip).
When you're wearing items from many folders and/or your folders have long names, the AutoStrip script can run out of memory, causing the stack heap collision. If you don't actually need AutoStrip, you can just turn it off to prevent the error from happening in the future. To do so, make sure you're wearing your Wardrobe HUD. Then, on your Wardrobe web page, go to Preferences > Dressing, then click "Turn off AutoStrip." After that, reset the HUD (click the Menu button on the 1o'clock position, the click Setup > Reset HUD).

Q: When I try to send a snapshot, the viewer crashes. Can you help?

A: The problem is most likely that the image you're trying to send is too large. Adjust the resolution (click "More" to see the options or go to the Settings tab in Firestorm) and try again.
Note that the size of the large images in Wardrobe is 480x480 pixels, so sending a 640x480 snapshot is absolutely sufficient. Other users will also thank you for sending smaller images as it decreases the processing time.

Q: When I try to send a snapshot, I get an error message or they don't arrive in my Wardrobe. What is the problem?

A: There are several reasons why sending snapshots doesn't work:

Q: When I stand on the posestand, my feet disappear in the ground. Is there a way around that?

A: This used to be a problem in v2.3. If you haven't upgraded to the latest version yet, please do so. As of v2.4, the poststand will also allow you to adjust your position and rotation.

Q: I can't detach the Wardrobe HUD, help!

A: Probably, you've locked the HUD.
There are two ways to lock it (and thus, you'll need to unlock it the way you locked it):

If for some reason neither works, you can disable RLV, relog, and then detach the HUD.

Q: I can't see my items in my inworld closet. Why's that?

A: The inworld closet uses media on a prim. If the contents doesn't load on its own, hover your mouse over the inside of the closet, and a browser bar will appear. Click the home button to load the page. You could also allow media to auto-play, then the contents will always load automatically. To activate that, open the viewer's preferences, and in Sound & Media" > Media tick Allow media to auto-play and Allow inworld scripts to play media.

Q: Does Wardrobe work together with other RLV devices?

A: Yes. In particular, the Wardrobe won't be able to take off any locked items. (If it still does, make sure that the item is actually locked and the RLV device you used to lock the item is turned on.)

How does Wardrobe handle putting on an outfit with multiple attachments attaching to the same attachment point?

A: You can choose from two modes for the so-called Quickdress defaults in the preferences: You can either have Wardrobe replace any existing attachments, or you can have it add to existing items. In the first setting, if there are multiple attachments in the folder which attach to the same spot, only one would be worn, which would be chosen (seemingly) at random. In the second case, all the attachments will be worn (however, if there were any attachments from previous outfits, they wouldn't be replaced, but, per item, you can set which layers and attachments are to be taken off before the corresponding outfit is put on).

Q: I don't see the outfit(s) I'm currently wearing in the "Worn Outfits" dialog. Why?

In order for Wardrobe to be able to detect what you're wearing, the clothing items must be in the #RLV folder (and you must of course have RLV activated and be waring the HUD). If you are using links in the #RLV folder, the targets (i.e., the actual items which the links point to) must be contained within the #RLV folder as well.

Q: I want to start over. Is there a simple way to delete all of my items?

A: In the Preferences on your Wardrobe web page, go to the tab "Miscellaneous" and then click "Clear Wardrobe".

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