Tip Jar Deluxe is a flexibly customizable tip jar that fills up with coins as you receive tips.

The tip jar also a features an adhesive tape label, on which you can set your own text (up to 16 letters).

It can be used as both as a personal tip jar or as a venue tip jar.


  • Fills up with coins as you get tipped
  • Set a donation goal
  • Customizable label
  • Customizable floating text and color
  • Customizable default tip amounts
  • Customizable automatic Thank You message


Right-click the tip jar after you've rezzed it to get the menu.
It gives you the following options:

  • Has Goal – Toggle between the donation goal and non-goal mode. In the donation goal mode, the coin fill status is with respect to the donation goal set. E.g., if you've reached 50% of your donation goal, the tip jar will be filled up half.
  • Goal – Set the donation goal.
  • Amounts – Set the default amounts shown on the pay dialog buttons.
  • Text – Define the floating text shown above the tip jar. You can use the following placeholders, i.e., text strings that will be replaced with dynamic values:
    • {total}: The total amount tipped
    • {amount}: The most recent amount tipped
    • {tipper}: The display name of the most recent tipper
    • {goal}: The donation goal set in the "Goal" menu
    • {percentage}: The percentage of the goal reached (if a goal has been set)
    Setting the text to
    Carly's tip jar
    {total} L$
    {tipper} tipped {amount} L$ last
    will show something like
    Carly's tip jar
    1234 L$
    Nebulae Sands tipped 100 L$ last
  • Color – Set the color of the floating text. A submenu is shown in which you can pick from a set of predefined colors.
  • Thx Message – Define the thank you message sent to the tippers. The thank you message will only be visible to the tipper.
    You can use the following placeholders:
    • {name}: The display name of the tipper
    • {amount}: The tip amount
  • Label – Turn displaying the tape label on the tip jar on and off.
  • Label Text – Set the label text. You can use at most 16 letters, upper-case only. The following letters, digits, and symbols can be used, in addition to a space:
    ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ 0123456789 !"#$&'+-:=?
    If you use an unsupported character, it will be replaced by a "#".
  • Reset – Reset the tip jar, setting the tipped amount to 0.
  • Close – Close the menu.


Thanks to Karthikeyan Engineer (MADRAS) for creating the beautiful mesh.

Thanks to Nebulae Sands for creating the ad artwork.