PiXXL is yet another titler, albeit a special one: it lets you draw your own cute blocky, pixely, colorful 16x16 icon.


  • 16x16 pixel icon you can draw yourself
  • 8 customizable colors
  • Upload existing images
  • Download your own creations

How To Use

  • Attach the PiXXL Titler object.
    It is in an invisible object that will attach to your skull by default. Your drawing will appear above it as a floating text (like a "regular" titler, except that it will use block graphics to display a pixely icon).
  • To draw your icon, attach the PiXXL HUD.
    It uses a web interface displayed via Shared Media. If the user interface doesn't load automatically, hover over the HUD until the viewer's web toolbar appears, and click its "Home" button.
    • The left pane contains the colors and action buttons (clear canvas, upload image, download image). The selected color is highlighted by a thick white border.
    • Click the triangle in the lower right corner of the color pot to change the color. Note that already drawn pixels in that color will change their color as well.
    • Activate the checkerboard color pot to clear pixels.
    • Draw on the canvas in the usual way. Your titler will be updated as you draw.
    • When you upload an image, it will be resized to 16x16 pixels and quantized to use at most 8 colors (so not every image will result in a good icon).
    • You can also open the web interface in a browser. To do that, click the respective button on the viewer's web toolbar while you're hovering over the HUD. You can use this to share your PiXXL URL if a friend would like to draw your PiXXL icon.
    • Detach the HUD when you're satisfied with your creation.