Create a calendar with personal pictures and style as a gift for your loved ones – or just for yourself.

What Is It?

Calendar is a monthly wall calendar board. For each month, it will display a different picture (to be set by you), along with the month/year and dates.
See below for a sample.

The background color, as well as the style (fonts and colors) can be customized to your liking.

Please note that, on purpose, it doesn't come with a frame so that you can mount it on one that fits your style best, should you desire to do so.

Set Up

  • Use the calendar designer below to personalize the appearance of your calendar (or skip this step if you are satisfied with the default white-on-black design).
  • Once done, click "Download Calendar Texture" and upload the downloaded image to SL.
  • Inworld, rez the calendar board and follow the set up instructions:
    • Right click the texture you just uploaded, and click "Copy Asset UUID". Paste the UUID into local chat. Or if you want to use the default design, just type a ".".
    • The calendar will prompt you to enter the UUIDs of your image textures, one per month.
    • Once done, the calendar will switch into "test mode", showing each month for a few seconds, and then switch into "normal mode".
    • If desired, mount your calendar onto a frame, and you are done!

Design Your Calendar





Example Preview